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Queenstown Party Daytime Activities
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General Information About Queenstown

One of the very best places you can go for a fun filled break with your friends or family is Queenstown. This is one of the most wonderful places in southern New Zealand, located right on the shore of the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu so you can do a number of fun water sports or just laze around the lake with a few beers or glasses of wine in the shadow of the mountains. Queenstown thanks to its location is something of a spot for thrill seekers looking to do some adventurous activities, but there are also some vineyards here so it can also serve as a place for you guys to take it easy.

How To Get To Queenstown

The heart of Queenstown is just a 15 minute drive from the airport so if you are flying here you are not then going to have a brutal car journey to get you to where you are staying. There are many companies who run coach services to Queenstown which can be a cheaper (but longer) way to get here. Or if you want to make the journey part of the experience you guys can always take a nice scenic drive.

Getting Around Queenstown

Getting around Queenstown is something that is nice and easy thanks to a great public transport system. If you are taking part in some of the more adventurous and exciting activities that are on offer here then you will not want to waste any energy “walking” to and from places. And on the other hand if you plan to do some pretty heavy partying while you are here then you will be in no shape to drive! There are plenty of taxis and a great bus service here that will get you guys around.

Any Special Time Of Year To Visit?

You would think that being so close to the lake means that this is a “summer” type of place to visit.
Do not get me wrong the summer time is very busy here, but in the winter months (June to August) Queenstown becomes something of a ski paradise with the very popular Queenstown Winter Festival which sees people come from all over to experience the music, food, sports and fun. Queenstown is always busy no matter what time of year you come here, but the hustle and bustle of the town is a huge part of the charm.

Sport In Queenstown

There is no major sports team located in Queenstown, but there are some “smaller” sports clubs in the area. If there is going to be some kind of big sports event then chances are whatever the event is it will be held at the Queenstown Events Centre which is a fancy arena that hosts a number of sporting events such as football, rugby and tennis.

The Best & Most Fun Things You Can Do In Queenstown

Queenstown is a real adventurous type of place to visit as you will see from these awesome activities just below!

Bungee Jumping:
This is one of the most popular activities that you can do here in Queenstown and no matter if you are here with the guys, gals or even the family. Bungee jumping is sure as hell going to make your time here memorable. This is just a beautiful place to visit and what better way to see its beauty than by jumping off something really high! This is scary…. So scary, you better bring a change of underwear, but it is the kind of activity that once you are done, you will be very proud of yourself…….and be looking for the nearest bar! There are a few different places in Queenstown where you can partake in a bit of bungee jumping so be sure to check them all out to get the best deal.

Water Sports World:
What is the point in coming to a place that is on the lake if you are not going to take advantage of the water? Well Water Sports World is the number one place in Queenstown for your water sport’s needs. These guys have just a ton of stuff that you can hire to have a wild and fun time with. We are talking speed boats, kayaks, jet skis and more! If you want to have some fun on the lake….. or laugh at some of your friends making asses of themselves on the lake then check out what they have to hire here.

Spring Spa:
Hey you can also relax, unwind and distress when you come for a break here in Queenstown and the Spring Spa is one of many top of the line day spas that the town has to offer.
There is nothing better than a nice deep tissue massage, a facial or just sitting having a few laughs with your friends in the hot tub! For the ladies this is always a huge hit a day of shopping followed by getting treated like a princess!

Best Bars In Queenstown

Have a few quite drinks or a wild party at any one of these epic bars!

Stacks Pub:
Stacks Pub is actually located in the Hilton and is just an all-around really cool bar. In the summer months you can have a beer, a nice pizza and just relax on the outside deck. But in the winter months they have the fire going and you can have a few drinks by it. In all this is just a really nice bar and the perfect place to start a good night out.

Harrys Pool Bar:
This bar is more for the guys as it is a sports bar. Harrys Pool Bar has some large screen TV’s showing all the latest sport. Some good deals on booze and they have a good number of pool tables and dart boards. They can put on a fun pool competition for you group which is always a good laugh and a good way if you are in a mixed group to get the ladies more into spending some time here.

Minus 5 Ice Bar:
Are you guys and gals ready for the coolest bar on the planet? That was a terrible pun, but the Minus 5 Ice Bar is a real ice bar and by that I mean it is actually made of ice! This place is just insane and no trip to Queenstown is complete without a few drinks here. You will get all
dressed up in warm gear to stop you freezing your “private parts” off and then you can have a couple of drinks in sub-zero temperatures. This is more about the experience than it is the booze, but man what an experience coming here is!

Best Clubs In Queenstown

Look I will not lie to you, Queenstown is a fantastic place for a vacation, but it is not swimming in nightclubs or places for “adult” entertainment if you know what I mean. Still there are a couple of places for you late night needs!

Buffalo Club:
Is the Buffalo Club really a club or is it a bar????? I think that it leans more towards being a club. This is a great place if you want to let your hair down and have a great time. What makes coming to the Buffalo Club such a great night is that they love to put on a wild theme night
here. No matter if it involves people getting dressed up in fancy dress (and looking fan bloody tastic in the process!) or just a theme night where the drinks are two for one or some kind of live show, Buffalo Club always has some kind of action going on.

Club Eighty Eight:
Now Club Eighty Eight is where you will want to go if you are feeling a little bit….
Let’s just say “in the mood” this is a proper adults club that offers sexy women doing what they do best, putting on an amazing and erotic show for you….. but before you start thinking this is just for the guys. Club Eighty Eight also cater for the ladies and they have male strippers showing off their hard bodies as well.

Best Places To Eat In Queenstown

There are so many great places to eat in Queenstown that it feels kind of harsh just naming three of them, but here are three of the best places that the town has to offer. One thing I will say is that part of the fun is just walking around on stumbling on a nice little gem of a restaurant or café.

Prime Waterfront Restaurant and Bar:
Let’s start with some fine dining right on the lake. This is a waterfront restaurant that is just lovely to have a nice and special meal in. This is high class all the way and their gourmet menu is diverse, tasty and will have a few “exotic” things on there for you to try if you are feeling adventurous. The real reason that you want to eat here is the amazing view of the lake and the mountains while you eat.

While fine dining is cool, Queenstown is a fun place and when you are in a fun place you should eat somewhere fun. Fergburger as I am sure you rocket scientists have figured out specializes in making some amazing burgers. These things are huge and will sure as hell fill you up. They do have other things like chicken and deer, but to come to a place like Fergburger and not have one of their huge ass burgers would be a crime!

Fat Badgers Pizza Bar:
With a name like Fat Badgers Pizza Bar, you know that this is a place that is all about having fun and what is more fun that a nice pizza with some real good booze! They love to make these really huge pizzas here and let me tell you once you have eating pizza here it will spoil pizza for you……. That is how good they are!

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