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Stag Party Activities in Tauranga

Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Tauranga. We can help you plan and book a complete weekend of fun.

Tauranga Stag Night
Tauranga Stag Night Activities
Tauranga Stag Party Ideas
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Accommodation in Tauranga
Stag Party Accommodation in Tauranga

Why You Guys Should Have A Tauranga Stag Party!

Tauranga has it all! Beaches, bars, massive waves, outdoor concerts, strip clubs, the legendary Mount‒what else to you need? Dozens of restaurants and bars in the central city will see your stag party suitably fed and watered as you prepare for the stag do ahead, and in the morning, you’ll find plenty of cafes with hangover food ready to go.

How To Get To Tauranga

Bus, car or fly. You’ll figure it out. It’s pretty central and easy to get to.

The Most Awesome Tauranga Stag Party Ideas!

This stag party’s going to go day and night. Check these ideas out:

Accommodation‒We can arrange accommodation for your stag do with all our packages. Just give us your group size and we’ll have a bed waiting for when your night ends, which will probably be some time in the morning if all goes to plan…

Paintball in Tauranga‒There’s nothing like shooting one of your best mates with a paintball gun. Split into teams and stalk each other and see who ends up the last man standing. We’re not going to lie‒it hurts when you get hit‒a lot. But c’mon, you guys are tough? Right? Let’s see who has the most bruises at the end of it.

Lawn bowls‒No, we’re not joking, but don’t get out your bowling whites and hats just yet. This lawn bowls has a twist. You can drink. Drinking makes everything better. Trust me, this is just the beginning. Lawn bowls can be kind of addictive and a lot more fun than you would think. Give it a go. This is a great activity for the budget conscious and guarantees a lot of laughs.

Claybird Shooting near Tauranga‒Now you get to play with guns. Decimate clay pigeons (or try at least). See who wins after being shown what to do by a qualified instructor and then you all get to have a go as clay birds are catapulted into the sky and you have to do your best to shoot them with live ammunition.


Tauranga Stag Night Ideas

That was just the beginning, now the party’s really getting started.

Party Boat with Strippers‒Take your fun out onto the seas with a party boat. Make as much noise and crazy fun as you want in Tauranga Harbour. Drinks won’t be a problem‒just let us know if you want to BYO or to have a fully stocked bar aboard to meet all your needs. The icing on the cake will be the strippers hired to entertain your stag party. Tauranga has some of the hottest dancers around and these ladies are sure to please. Give the groom a treat before his big day. All our boats leaves from either the Strand or close by.

female strippergrams

Party Bus‒Check out our party buses for a one helluva wild night. There’ll be a stripper pole, a fully stocked bar, music, lights, seats that wipe clean…you get the picture. This is the way to do a pub crawl around Tauranga. Enjoy the ride as you’re transported about and you don’t have to worry about anything but sitting back and having fun.

Function Room with Strippers‒Here we go, raunchy fun in a private room. How many strippers do you want? No stag do is complete without entertainment from lovely ladies as you guys sit back and watch. This is one way to have your own private party with hot strippers and plenty of booze. 

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