Team Building Activities in Auckland

Fun Team Building Activities in Auckland

Looking for some fun team building activities in Auckland - Gobananas has a great range of ideas. We can help you plan the best team building day in Auckland and take the stress out of the process. Talk to one of our party planners today or check out options below. 

Adrenaline & Corporate Xmas Venue by Airport
Sort out the movers and shakers of the office with this low & high rope activity followed by a party afterwards in one of the venue spaces on site.


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Adventure Park near Silverdale
Fun adventure park with lots of activities and options. Ideal for your next Xmas party and catering available. Great day out with staff and families


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Adventure Race, Abseiling or Rogaine Teambuilding

Adventure and adrenalin packed team building events customised to suit your team! Help get your team re-energised, engaged and working together!


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Amazing Race in Waiheke Island
Start your engines ladies and gentlemen and jump on board our amazing race with each team in cars. Fun day on Waiheke Island with option of adding lunch & wine tasting to your day.


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Amazing race for a teambuilding event
Book an amazing race activity for your next work party and Christmas do. Fun, interactive, and you are set for the best work party ever.


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America's Cup Sailing Experience or Cup Racing
This fun team building experience lets everyone live the sailing dream, and the best bit is, you don't even have to know how to sail.


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Archery Fun for Work Parties
Spend an hour shooting your work mates and maybe even your boss. Sounds pretty good huh? Well this fun new game is just what you need to combat office stress.


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Auckland Zoo Amazing Race
Take your teams on an engaging tour of the Zoo. Say goodbye to those pieces of paper and missing pens and say hello to fun at your fingertips. Min 30 people


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Bubble soccer with your work mates
Bubble soccer is not only fun, but also team building in a crazy way. Can be done at any park close to you.


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Clay target shooting in West Auckland
Looking for a fun shooting experience in West Auckland that is ideal for your work party function? Why not combine with a lunch booking afterwards at a brewery and your transport.


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Cooking Class in Auckland CBD
Get your next corporate team activity cooking with this class!!


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Curling Team Activity
If you're looking for something completely different you should consider this curling "ice" activity.


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Destination Matakana
Matakana is the destination for your next work party. Let GoBananas put together a package of transport, food and activities in this idyllic location.


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Fishing Charter for Work Parties
If you want to treat your staff to a day out on the water catching some fish then this charter is the ideal boat for you. BYO drinks & food & great for large groups.


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Fun things to hire for that Xmas Party
Want to bring in some ridiculously fun things for your next work or Xmas function in Auckland? Sumo suits, mechanical bull, gladiator and much more.


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High Flyer Adventure Course in Auckland
WOW here is something fun, challenging and to tick up the bucket list. Try this for your next team building event - challenging high ropes course showing off your stamina and bravery...


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Lodge with Teambuilding & Food
Fantastic venue with eveything you'll need for the best staff day out and a team building event. Plenty of activities to do with amazing food options.


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Paintball with Brewery Lunch & Transport

6 hours package with 200 balls for paintball, lunch at a brewery and private transport. If time permits stop at another pub on route.


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Pistol Shooting Package on Waiheke
An affordable Waiheke Island package for your next corporate event. Package includes ALL transport, pistol shooting fun and your meal. Early booking essential


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Rafting Day for Auckland Team Building
White water rafting is the ideal team building activity and this amazing park located just 30 minutes out of Auckland has everything you'll need for a great day.


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Spy School Teambuilding

Outdoor or indoor activity for your next corporate event. Let's solve a mystery and get the teamwork flowing.


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Team-building, Food & Dancing
Including a challenging 1 hour activity in the city, followed by a great meal & VIP to a bar at the viaduct. Can either be done during the day or night time.


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Teambuilding Activities & venue in Hunua Ranges
Looking to take your next party to the next level with some awesome activities. Venue in South Auckland, near Hunua Ranges and is ideal for workgroups with kids or looking for fun teambuilding as well as food. BYO drinks.


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Teambuilding games for a work do

Great activity for your next corporate event with these teambuilding games - mostly indoor so great for any groups having a venue. We can tailor make it to some outdoor fun as well.


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Teambuilding sushi cooking class
Fun team building activity for your next work party. Sushi making with a twist is bound to get everyone to have a good laugh and try some new skills.


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Waiheke Island Beach Challenge
Spend the day racing against your colleagues or mates as you use your intuition and imagination to complete an array of challenges...... on foot


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Waiheke Teambuilding package!
Book that amazing work party event on Waiheke Island. Clay laser shooting, archery set up as round robin. All transport included in this package as well.


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Walking Harbour Bridge - teambuilding in the sky
Experience Auckland like never before. Walk the almighty harbour bridge and be stunned by the amazing views.


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Auckland Team Building with GoBananas

We do the work - you have the fun!

Working in the big smoke day in and day out can understandably get a little tedious after a while, the occupants that are confined to a store or behind a desk on daily basis will inevitably get a little more discouraged and deflated with each passing day. No matter how much someone loves their job – everyone needs a day to blow of some steam with their colleagues and renew their energy in the work place.

This is why team building activities in Auckland are a must for any company that wants to improve productivity in the office.  Not only to do these events get your staff out in the sunshine for a while and makes them feel appreciated, it’s also a great way to tackle any potential work place issues by focusing on team work, problem solving and communication among staff.

See how happy they all look!

team building

GoBananas has team building options in all regions of Auckland and on Waiheke Island. So where ever your company is based - we got something for you.

The other added bonus with GoBananas is, we don't just focus on the traditional team building activities, but also the lower cost ones that are quicker and cheaper. We also have activities that are "outside the box", fun & affordable. We at GoBananas knows, that not everyone has a massive team building budget, so we have especially found cool things to do on a shoestring budget. 

We are a leader in this field and have been organising corporate events in Auckland for close to 10 years, so give us a call to find out more.

What is your goal with an Auckland team building day?

  1. Why are you looking at doing a team building day for your business?
  2. What is the objective? 
  3. Are we restraint by fitness levels or ages?
  4. What is the budget?
  5. How long would you like it to be and does it have to be in a certain area?
  6. Do you already have an idea of what sort of activity would suit your company?

Once GoBananas knows a bit about you, we can tailor make an itinerary with options for you. From there one you will be able to take the itinerary, see all prices and what each activity entails. All images are on there as well, so nice and easy to show to the right people to get that decision made. 

Our top team building contenders around the Auckland region

  1. Visit Waiheke Island and do some team building activities at a Winery and have lunch or dinner there. Taking place at a beautiful winery on Waiheke Island is this fun day packed to the brim with a wide range of team building games and challenges. With a selection of both indoor and outdoor options, your employees will divide into teams and rotate around different stations where they will take on different tasks such as relays, obstacle courses and building challenges or food pairing, wine blending and even a make your own pizza challenge. We have a lot of exciting options to choose from and with plenty of time at the venue you’ve got the chance to get in a few rounds. After the fun stuff’s done, why not stay on at the winery and indulge in a delicious lunch or yummy wine tasting, we can organise this all for you along with return ferry tickets as well as transport on the island.
  2. Amazing race in Auckland. This can take place any where in Auckland and you will be divided into teams before hand. A range of Pitt stops, tasks & challenges has to be completed in a certain time frame and photos are taken to back it up. There will be staff at most Pitt stops and at the end a get-together around a drink, where all the photos will be shown and a winning team cored. This is one of our traditional activities that everyone loves in Auckland.  
  3. Archery War – For a fun, cheaper & exciting team building event that will impress your work mates - don’t pass up this awesome new activity in Auckland. Think of it like moving dodge ball but with foam-tipped arrows, things to hide behind, targets to hit and thirst for winning that can’t be quelled. Your group will be divided into 2 teams and then set loose on a field where they will have to work together and strategize ways to beat the other team. Good for communication and problem solving and it’s also just really, really fun – so guaranteed to win you major brownie points around the office. It’s also the perfect option to run along-side the ever popular Bubble Soccer.
  4. Sushi Cooking Class – For something a little less strenuous a cooking class is the way to go, and everyone loves Sushi so this one is sure to be hit. Your staff will be delegated into teams and be taught a number of tips and tricks that will help with the art that is Sushi making, from there they’ll have to complete a number of challenges such as inventing their own Sushi recipe, inventing a KIWI sushi roll and more. Teams will be graded on creativity, speediness, presentation skills and of course, taste. This is a really fun option that is ideal for everyone and is sure to make your fun team building day in Auckland a huge hit.

dupling class

  • Claybird shooting with lunch or dinner at a local winery in Auckland. Claybird shooting is a simple, but good old fun team building activity to do. Combine it with a meal and drinks, and you a set for a winner. This particular package is location in South Auckland, so ideal for any business located in this region. 
  • Waiheke Beach Challenge on foot or in a car – A scavenger hunt that incorporates team building fun and problem solving in the beautiful setting of Waiheke Island. In this fun challenge your staff will be delegated into teams, and be given a number of photographic tasks to complete as you race around a part of the island on foot, snapping up the best pictures, overcoming challenges and trying to beat the other groups back to the finish line. It’s a fun-fill and fast paced day that is sure to leave your staff grinning. If you want to step this option up a notch and expand your horizons why not upgrade to use the cars instead and take your team building day in Waiheke to the next level.

GoBananas can also organise claybird shooting in other parts of Auckland, so please ask the team. 

  • Lastly our new entrance to the team building scene is our room escape package. 1 hour of fun team building, located right in the city center of Auckland. Escape from one of our locked theme rooms and you have 1 hour to do it. Can you crack the code, tasks and challenges? How clever are you? Afterwards you will head towards a restaurant near by for a well deserved dinner and later dance floor at the viaduct.

Indoor activities for team building 

If you are planning a mid year event in Auckland, it can be a better option to plan something that is indoor - just to be safe. Auckland weather is 4 seasons in one day, so might be a bit risky. Here are some great indoor team building activities to consider

  1. Cooking Classes
  2. Cocktail making classes - at a bar or we can come to you
  3. Our room escape package
  4. Gokarting packages
  5. Murder Mystery event

How a team building activity can help your company

  • Working in Auckland is great, but many of us needs some fun among all the long hours & travel time we do. Keeps the spirit going and that will reflect in the quality of work we do. 
  • Create a bond between the employees and perhaps break up some cliques that your workplace may have. 
  • Creates fun memories among staff and people feel they belong there. Keeping staff is important, especially the good ones, so these little extra things makes a difference. 
  • Auckland team building has proven time and time again to make people work better together and in general just make the work place a better place to be. If people are happy with their jobs and are at the very least on friendly terms with the folks that they work with then you can bet they will do a better job for you!
  • It is all about developing your team and the people you work with. 

So let GoBananas take care of the planning of your fun team building day in Auckland. 

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