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Christchurch Party Daytime Activities
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Christchurch Party Night Activities

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General Information About Christchurch

As the largest city on the South Island, Christchurch gives you everything you would want from a city as well as offering some island style fun as well. You could actually shipwreck on Christchurch and still have an awesome time……. Well as long as no one gets hurt. This is a beautiful and picturesque location that will serve as a great place for a memorable holiday with your friends or even as a special family holiday as long as the kids do not drive you mental of course.

How To Get To Christchurch

Of course this depends where you are coming from, but the easiest way to get to Christchurch would probably be by plane. There is a pretty large international airport in Christchurch and this is the easiest and most hassle free way to get here. If you want to make an adventure of getting here then you can drive, take the bus or even get here by boat. If you can find a wild animal, tame it and then ride it then chances are you can get to Christchurch on it!

Getting Around Christchurch

Some people like to hire a vehicle when they come to Christchurch. This is a good idea if you are planning on partaking in activities that are all over the city and surrounding area and you do not want to walk which let’s face it, it is 2015 who wants to walk? There is a tram service and busses as well if you want to make use of the cheap public transport. One way that is fun to get around the city is by hiring bikes……. Of course if this is the type of holiday where a lot of alcohol is likely to be consumed then I would not recommend bikes!

Best Time Of Year To Visit

Christchurch is one of the most amazing cities on Earth and it is not a cop out when I say that you can come here any time of the year and have an amazing time. The summer months are just bloody amazing and laying on a beach will get you nice and tanned and recharge those batteries….. there are around 40 beaches here in Christchurch! Like clockwork when winter hits in June, Christchurch turns into a different kind of paradise offering all kinds of skiing and other such sports. The snow looks amazing here and even though it is cold. Cold by New Zealand standards is not as cold as other parts of the world if you know what I mean.  You can come here any time of the year and enjoy yourself, even the most miserable SOB would have a great time here during the heat of summer and the cool winter.

Sport In Christchurch

Christchurch is home to the most decorated team in Super Rugby in, The Crusaders. They play their games at the AMI stadium and if you are here during the rugby season it is well worth seeing if there is a game on as the atmosphere is epic! While The Crusaders are the main sports team here in Christchurch there is also a basketball, ice hockey, football and a cricket team as well. Sport is a pretty damn big deal here in Christchurch and the people take great pride in their teams.

The Best & Most Fun Things You Can Do In Christchurch

This is a city that has so much to offer! One of the main reasons that so many tourists come here is because that there is just so much to do. You can come here with the family and the kids will have the time of their lives. Or if you are coming with a group of guys or girls, you can let your hair down and have a wild time!

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve: If you are coming to Christchurch with the kids or even if you have ditched them with the grandparents and are having an “adults” only type of vacation, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is one place that is a lot of fun to go to. New Zealand is home to some of the cutest (and I must say freakiest) looking animals in the world. Now seeing the animals is really cool and all, but they also have this interesting, Maori Cultural Experience where you can learn and experience (well experience in a small way) what it was like for the Maori people who lived here on the island before other people arrived and you will learn and experience some of their traditions. This is the kind of thing that adults will find fascinating and kids will have a lot of fun with.

International Antarctic Centre: They like to say they are the best Antarctic centre in the world….. I honestly was not aware that this was even a thing! But a day here is amazing and something that will make your Christchurch vacation very memorable. They try to be as authentic as possible here and give you an idea of what it would be like for you to be on an artic exhibition. You will get to see some of the experiments that are performed there, how people live on a base in the Antarctic and even get to see some cute penguins as well. One of the most awesome parts about a day here is the snow storm! Now of course this is not a “real” snow storm, but it does give you an idea of how scary a place the Antarctic is. One thing that the kids will adore here……. and will probably drive you mad is that they have a 4D Cinema where they show the Happy Feet movie and kids seem to go crazy for it…… well more crazy than usual.

McLean’s Island Paintball !: Ok so I know that paintballing is not what you would call a Christchurch specific activity, but when it comes to an activity that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone this is it. Paintball is always a fun time and here they have different and exciting game scenarios for you to play out. Shooting a friend or a family member at point blank range is one of life’s most joyous things… actually watching them squirm in pain after is. As well as offering a great game of paintball, McLean’s Island Paintball do also offer laser tag. This is ideal if you have younger kids with you as getting shot in laser tag does not hurt and the kids never run out of ammo either. This is just a great day out and the perfect activity if you want to do something a little bit crazy in between sightseeing.

Best Bars In Christchurch

There is a lot to do  in Christchurch so you can really build up a thirst, luckily there is just a ton of great bars here for you to go and have a few drinks in.

No 4 Bar: Now this is not a bar for you party animals, but the No 4 Bar is ideal for those of you who want to be able to enjoy a few beers in a nice and relaxed setting and perhaps order some good pub food as well. They have a nice outdoors area here as well and having a cocktail under the Christchurch sun is always a great time. This is a bit more of a quite bar as we so if you hate drinking in places with a bunch of loud and rowdy drunk dudes. This is one of the most under rated places to enjoy a nice drink in Christchurch.

Christchurch Casino: Wait, what? Yes I know this is kind of cheating putting this place here as I mean it is a freaking casino. But they also have one hell of a swanky bar here for you guys to pound down the beers or sip the cocktails in. Christchurch Casino also have a number of live acts performing here over the year as well. In all if you want to mix your drinking with a night of entertainment then this is an awesome place to do it…… and possibly win some money or you can mooch of a mate if they win.

Tequila Mockingbird: Lastly I have a place that is just ideal for you people who love to drink in a more let’s just say sophisticated environment. Tequila Mockingbird serve up some very nice, exotic and classic cocktails as well as all other kinds of booze. This is the type of bar where you should try something new….. especially their Tequila! They also serve up some incredibly Latin American food here so you can make a real night of it here.

Best Clubs In Christchurch

Look family holidays are great, but if you have come to Christchurch with your friends and you have come here to party then you will certainly want to check out these amazing nightclubs that the great city of Christchurch has to offer.

Richey Bar: Richey Bar is just all about having a wild and crazy evening! They love to make sure everyone in here is having a fun and awesome time! They have great tunes, deals on drinks and they seem to have some kind of insane theme night going on all the bloody time! This is such a wild club the kind of club where you never know what the hell is going to go down. This is for you guys and gals who consider yourself party animals!

Calendar Girls Gentleman’s Club: The Calendar Girls Gentleman’s Club is the premier gentleman’s club franchise in New Zealand and right here in Christchurch is one of their best locations. This is of course mainly for the boys (but you ladies are welcome as well) and this is a club where you can party into the early hours of the morning taking in some sexy stage shows, pole dancing shows and if you want to really live it up…… a private dance just make sure there is a pillow handy to put over your lap once it is over.

Cruz: for you party people who are looking for a really cool venue to party into the early hours of the morning. They have the best and most modern dance music playing here, but they are not scared to dust off some of the old club classics as well. They manage to book some pretty impressive acts here as well so you may get lucky and see a live show while you are here!

Best Places To Eat In Christchurch

There are plenty of nice and fun places to eat while you are in Christchurch and here are a few of the very best that you should check out while you are here.

Burgers & Beers: Now this is a great place that does not mess around they offer burgers and beer here (and a few other things as well) but if you just want to come to a good restaurant that offers some damn fine burgers and well-priced booze then this is where you go!

Papas Pizza: Papas Pizza is a wonderful pizzeria that is perfect for a fun family meal or if you are with your friends and want to go to a place where you know there will be something for everyone. They have pretty much every pizza that you could imagine here and they even have some of their own crazy contraptions as well. If your idea of a good meal is a monster of a pizza then you have to go and eat at Papas Pizza.

Monkey Madness: Ok so this is not exactly serving up the best food in Christchurch, but I wanted to recommend a place that is perfect if you are bringing your kids to Christchurch. This is a soft play centre where the kids can run around like maniacs, but they also have a café that sells things like pizza, jacket potatoes, chips, sandwiches and many other things. So if you want to sit down and enjoy some fun food while the kids blow of a little steam then I highly recommend a few hours at Monkey Madness. 

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