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Hens party and in need of some Hens party ideas?

GoBananas has been organising hens parties for over 10 years. We can help you organise, plan and book an awesome hens party. It can be stressful organising, planning and booking a hens party  – with issues like: what will everyone enjoy doing, budget, do we go with a theme and what games and activities should we include? The list can be extensive and this is where GoBananas can be of great help. We take the stress out of planning a hens party with already a list of great activities and packages. 

Hens parties are an important part of the whole wedding process and the enjoyment stakes are high. In instances like this, it pays to utilise the skills and experience of seasoned party organisers. Fortunately for you, GoBananas has been organising hens parties for over 10 years and hold an enviable reputation for delivering the perfect hens party in New Zealand.

hens party - what makes it a success

  • It should be fun and rambunctious
  • Be appropriate to, and representative of the bride
  • Think about the bride and what she would enjoy
  • Include hen games
  • And have a hens theme

Hens party Games – up the fun factor 

Hens party games are an important and traditional part of a hens party experience. Without them, it can come off feeling as though you are at just another party. A hens party is different in that you are celebrating and empowering your best friend’s movement into married life and as such the event needs to be done right.

Hens party games inspiration? Here are two of our favourites

The 3 words game

When you select one of our waiter hosted event options we will arrange for our waiter to inform all the guests that there are 3 words that no one is allowed to say:

  • Wedding
  • The Bride's name
  • The Groom's name.

And given that this is at a party to celebrate the upcoming wedding of X and Y, avoiding these words can be difficult. If someone says any of the three words, they are required to do a DARE from our ‘ dares list’. This is a lot of fun, adds in acts of randomness from the dares and runs in the background while the party rages on.

Russian Roulette

For example - 10 guests, 10 shot glasses, 6 with water, 4 with vodka (adjust to fit your number of guests). The bride-to-be has to answer 10 questions from our Groom's quiz and beforehand you get the groom to answer the quiz so you have those answers on hand for the evening. If the Bride gets it right, she nominates someone to drink, if she gets it wrong, she has to drink.

Hens night ideas - To theme or not to theme?

Aside from games, there is also another factor that helps scream Hens Party and that is: a THEME. Themes can be flexible – either apply a theme to the whole evening from venue design to activities and dress code or apply to dress code and or venue design only. With a theme, you can better personalise the night to fit the bride to be, base it off her favourite movie or her favourite pastime, whatever that may be.

Burlesque for example – lends itself well to a level of sexiness, naughtiness and good old exhibitionist fun. Why not include a burlesque dance lesson where everyone turns up in a themed dress and top it off with a performance from the bride as well as the professional dancer.

burlesgue group party

The type of hens party itself can also vary and is very dependent on your hen’s personality and what she enjoys doing. Experience has shown us that there are typically 2 types of hen’s party:

  • The active
  • The relaxed

The active hens party

This type of party has no limits and can be activity-filled – go from day to night and include as many bare male bottoms as you can cope with.

We have a number of activities that fit perfectly into this type of party. How about a cycling wine tour, clay laser shooting, high ropes course, bubble soccer, boat party, cruising the Auckland harbour or a cabaret show and dinner, a party bus all with a stripper or two thrown in for good measure.

The relaxed hens party

While in no way compromised in the fun factor or available activities, this type of hens party is epitomised by a relaxing day out or weekend catch-up with old friends. It’s packed with activities like a day at the winery, spa treatments, learning to make cocktails, boat cruise, dinner or comedy club followed by a night of dancing at a top city nightclub.

Having decided on the type of party you are going for puts you in a better position to come up with options that will suit both the bride and everyone else attending. The tricky part is in picking an activity, venue or event that everyone will love.


In desperate need for hens party ideas? GoBananas has been organises hens parties for many years and knows exactly what each city/town in New Zealand has to offer. Talk or enquiry online for one of our activities or packages. Check out your city and get your inspiration that way. We do the work - you have the fun! Talk to GoBananas about your hens party and look at our website for hens party ideas. 

organising a hens party - This is where GoBananas can help!

As party booking specialists we assign a dedicated member of staff to look after your booking; knowledgeable and friendly their job is to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possibly. Our mission is to deliver you a hassle and stress-free party organising experience.

  • At GoBananas we put a lot of attention into our online booking platforms, this allows you to book everything you need all from one location – that’s activities, accommodation, venue and transfers (if applicable).
  • There’s no need to have multiple deposits – say one for accommodation and one for venue hire. At GoBananas we can secure it all.
  • Our system allows each invited member to have ‘some’ input: they can vote on the options you select and they can pay for their share direct which means you do not need to put it all on your credit card. It’s an extra level that takes the onus away from you and shares it evenly.
  • At GoBanans we work tirelessly to source the best accommodation, venue and activity prices around. For that fact alone, we take a huge amount of the workload from you and give you the best options available.
  • We package deals based on the most popular bookings, current trends and customer feedback so you can be assured that we are always working and striving to give you the best, most current and competitively priced hens party options that are location specific.

Hens party - Our Promise

GoBananas will match or beat any proposals from other hen’s party agents. We also work on our bookings with a full perspective - when we say city centre hotel then we mean city centre and we find activities as close as possible to reduce transit time and increase party time. We book your party in the best possible way available – we will seek many options and come to you with the best overall solution.

Again and as always, our aim is to make your hens party night as stress-free as possible and that extends to include on the night, no one needs to confirm bookings or make payments on the night, everything is forward booked and your arrival is always anticipated – you will not arrive at any location or event we organise and feel unwanted.

If you are feeling a degree of stress from your hens party planning process, give us a call, we can work with you to come up with the best option based on your needs and budget. We can also create bespoke events so if you don’t see the event you’re after, let us know and we will work with you to create it. Quite simply, let us help you create the perfect hen’s party night and ultimately, take all your stresses away.

Make a Quick Enquiry to Team GoBananas New Zealand

We are here to help you plan something special and memorable. If you want to ask us something, you go ahead and we will get back to you ASAP.