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Planning a Corporate party, team building activity or Christmas Party?

 With over 10 years of experience, GoBananas can plan your next team building activity or Christmas party. 

Corporate event planning can, in many instances be similar to standard event planning and requires an evaluation of activity options, venue options and pricing options.

At GoBananas we recognise the link between what we do in terms of group events and corporate events, so to fill what we see as a void in corporate event bookings, we have extended our supplier base (and applied our overall skill in this area) to include corporate bookings for: team building, corporate functions through to Christmas and end of year parties.

Fun Team Building Activities

Getting the best out of your team is a challenge faced by companies of all sizes and in all industries. This challenge has led to the rise of corporate team building, sales training events and conferences.

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Job satisfaction, corporate culture and workplace recognition rank high in the list of factors that contribute to workplace efficiency. In this growing climate of ‘staff satisfaction’, activities like team building are growing not only in their popularity but also in their application in workplaces throughout the country.

Once considered the domain of large corporates only, the new trend is for team building to be applied to small team structures with exceedingly positive results.

Auckland Team building programs provide realistic experiences that empower staff members to work towards a common goal. However improving productivity by motivating staff towards a collective organisational goal is no easy task, it requires a professional approach, breaking down barriers and instilling a mindset of change, of collaboration and working collectively.

 An essential step in the team building process is establishing the grounds for change. Key to this is the elimination barriers.

With team building it’s essential to break down barriers with…FUN

Personal and social barriers

These are inevitably built up as we go about our daily working lives - we build tension and opposition to others we work with sometimes based off personality clashes and at other times due to work specific issues.

Physical barriers.

A change of location can do much to progress change and team building. When we are taken out of a common or shared working environment, social barriers can be challenged with more positive results.

Combine the need for a location away from the office and activities that break down barriers - the road to team building is then paved primarily by FUN.

When people have fun they are relaxed and put at ease, when people are at ease they are more receptive to change and positive enhancement. That is why our suppliers offer team building events that have fun and engagement at their core. From Claybird shooting, an amazing race theme to a high ropes adventure course, the options available are numerous and the benefits to productivity and employee satisfaction are plentiful.

End of year functions – Christmas Party

A well planned Christmas party can do much to lift morale, build a positive team culture and reward staff for a year of great work. Recognition from management, for a job well done, is an area of workplace satisfaction that can at times be overlooked and detrimentally so. Workplace recognition is strongly aligned with job satisfaction and to fail to thank and recognise staff can have a negative impact on morale and staff turnover.

Christmas parties are often viewed by employees as their end of year reward for a job well done. And with such a weighty value placed on the event, it pays to deliver an end of year party to rival all others.


For a unique approach why not consider a casino evening

With a casino experience, the whole night can be themed to fit a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas event and allows your employees to indulge in some harmless gambling fun with the choice of Black Jack, Roulette and Poker. We have skilled and experienced dealers armed with mobile tables and authentic gear ready to give your team a ‘games’ experience as close to casino authenticity as possible. It’s a combination of fun, excitement, engagement and skill that everyone will love.

Fun Christmas Party Ideas - during the day

A Christmas party doesn’t have to be evening based, if you have a number of keen and skilled anglers in your team why not consider a fishing charter. It allows you to take advantage of the amazing weather we get in December, not to mention the fish you get to take home.

 Christmas Cruise 

Or a luxury boat cruise on the harbour, soak up some sun, drinks and nibbles for a few hours then disembark and head into the city for dinner and drinks. There’s nothing like a boat cruise to set the tone for an amazing night.

Venue with a fun activity on site

Gobananas has multiple packages that incorporate a venue, activity and a meal. GoBananas has different locations around New Zealand. Talk to GoBananas about your fun Christmas party ideas. 



Why book through GoBananas?

Many workplaces shut down for a few weeks over summer and in the lead up to this closure, things can get busy and hectic, to say the least. So why burden your staff with yet another task – organising the Christmas party? Instead, engage our services and let your employees do what it is that they are good at – their jobs.

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