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Stag Do & Stag Do Ideas

Stag Do Auckland
Stag Do Auckland
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Stag do Christchurch
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Dunedin Stag Party
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Hamilton Stag Party
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Hawkes Bay Stag Party
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Palmerston North Stag Party
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Queenstown Stag Party
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Rotorua Stag Party
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Tauranga Stag Party
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Stag do Waiheke
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Wellington Stag Party

Stag Do & Stag do Ideas 

GoBananas has got you covered! 10 years experience in planning stag do's across New Zealand. Check out your city or location and all the day, night and packages available including accommodation.


There are a few steps to planning and booking a great stag do and yes booking the stripper, if that’s what you’re into, is one of them. We booked thousands of stag do in NZ, we have some top advice to kick your night or weekend off without a hitch.

We have some awesome Stag do ideas and Stag Do Challenges just ask one of our team.

Stag do 

It is easy to plan a stag do with GoBananas. We just need to know what city or location you are looking to have your stag do. GoBananas organises stag do's in all the major cities in New Zealand and we have a ton of fun things to do. Book all your stag do activities with GoBananas and use our group payment system to split the payment across the team. We recommend organising 1 or 2 day time activities so the boys are kept busy and not just sitting there drinking. A stag do with some entertainment is not a problem with GoBananas. We know the stag do friendly pubs, bars, party buses and party boats. 

It has never been easier to plan a stag do than with GoBananas. Talk to one of our party planners. 

How to plan and book a great stag do could be easier than you think – just follow our lead and you’ll be right.

Planning an awesome stag do - let’s break it down:

1. Plan early
The earlier you plan the stag do, the better prepared you will be! You get the luxury of time and that allows you to ensure everything on the list is done, organised and booked. It also gives you the opportunity to find out about the many stag party ideas are available accross New Zealand. That list of “things you can do”, can be a bit ‘full on’ so some time to work through and thin it out, maybe necessary. We have heaps of choice across the country for stag do ideas, stag do challenges & stag do games.

2. Budget accordingly
As stag do organiser you don’t want to under-deliver and with that comes the question “how much is everyone willing to spend on the stag do?” So know your budget, know what your mates are willing to pay….Don’t forget that cheap bastard in your crew, you know the one that always bails when it comes to sharing costs or buying the next round. The cost needs to be do-able for everyone attending.

3. Take charge
Right, so with your early planning and budget set, you now have your top 3 stag do ideas make sure you have at least 1 or 2 Stag Do Challenges in the mix to keep it interesting! Let’s say for example these are: first option – boat cruise with strippers. The second option – a themed poker night venue with strippers and the third option – A party bus, with you guessed it, strippers. How do you decide which option to go with? This question leads us to our 4th point – use a tried and tested party booking system for your Bachelor Party NZ.

4. Use GoBananas for your stag do and stag do challenges
Whatever you call it… stag do, Stag party, bachelor party – We have got you covered! We have heaps of Stag do ideas across the country.

GoBananas is a full-service party booking system. By booking and organising your stag party online through us, you basically make your life way easier. Simple as that!

Why You Should Book Your Stag do with Us?

• GoBananas has an inbuild voting system, so put your stag do ideas to the group or selected few and make your decision that way

• You can also send out invitations to attendees and our system then allows each person invited to log in and pay their share of the cost. Awesome right? No more chasing people up

• We can also deal with last minute bookings, we do all the leg work and source the top stag do ideas available in New Zealand and we partner with professional suppliers that are tried and tested

• No virgin stag do suppliers here – everyone we work with knows what our customers expect – awesome venue, mint entertainment and the ability to party hard!

Contact one of our team of experts today – For all you Stag do ideas,  stag do, Stag Do Challenges, Bachelor Party Ideas in New Zealand!

We do the work – You have the fun!


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