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Nelson Night Activities
Nelson Party Night Activities
Nelson Daytime Activities
Nelson Party Daytime Activities
Nelson city is located in one of the most beautiful and sunniest region of New Zealand. It is the economic and cultural center of Nelson region. Nelson's geography captures everything from golden bays to forests and rugged mountains.
You can get there by bus, own car, planes and even by boats.
 To move in the city, public transport is modern and affordable, including buses, trains, taxis, ferries and rental cars.The best time, to visit Nelson city, is whole year. It is beautiful no matter what time you visit. The following information can be helpful with your travel plans.
The warmest months of the year are from September through to April. December, January and February are the hottest months of the year (summer). 
Maximum daytime temperature varies from 15 to 30+ degrees (Celsius) in summer. Spring is from September to November. Autumn (Fall) is from March to May. Temperature falls around 10 to 25 degree in spring and autumn. Winter season runs from June to August and the temperature stays around 5 to 18 degrees during daytime. However the busiest season is during Summer School holidays which run from mid of December through until end of January. So if you want to visit during summer season, you surely need to make some advance bookings.
Nelson city is full of adventurous and interesting places to visit. For the lovers of classic cars and wearable arts, WOW (world of wearable arts and classic cars) museum is the best place to visit. Nature lovers can never get enough of beautiful scenery and landscapes of Nelson region. Some best places to visit are, Nelson Lakes National Park, Abel Tasman National Park and Kahurangi National Park. 
Wide range of group activities can be arranged there. Sliding down water polished chutes, jumping into crystal clear pools, abseiling through showering waterfalls, everything can be enjoyed. 
Skydive Abel Tasman is one of the best places in the world to skydive, because the jump is on the border of Alps and Abel Tasman and you jump over snowcapped mountains and then hover over marshy beach. Moreover, these parks are full of walking and cycling trails. Even an activity of hiking, for 3 to 5 days, can be planned in groups to overview the beautiful landscapes of Nelson region. The trails are well organized and facilitated with huts and camping facilities. 
Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotoroa, situated within the borders of Nelson Lake National Park, are beautiful lakes to visit. They are surrounded by beautiful and easy to walk tracks. The duration of walk on these tracks can be 30 min - 5 hrs. Waterfalls, lake side picnics and tree fuschia awaits for you there.
Another beautiful and historic place to visit is, National Provincial Museum. It is a regional museum that showcases the Nelson region's history, from geological origins to stories of old families ever lived there. 
Along with visiting these beautiful places, some other activities can be done during daytime. Such as, visiting some of the finest wineries located around the district and visiting Nelson Market, this is opened, on Saturday mornings 8:00 to 13:00. Local products i.e. organic vegetables, fruits and flowers, organic farmed Salmon and many kind of crafts including silk paintings, jewelry, pottery, weaving and wood turnings can be of your interest.
Many events are organized in Nelson city, throughout the year, according to the weather. Details of such events can be found here. 
The night life in Nelson is not very happening but still there are some pubs and bars to spend some quality time in. 
Some of the famous bars are:
 Spring & Fern
 The Free House
  The Oyster Bar
 Some famous cafes, which offer different varieties of food, are:
 The Beach Café & Bar
 The Hot Rock Gourmet Pizza & Pasta Bar
 La Gourmandise
 Akbabas Turkish Kebab house

Hens Party in Nelson

Why You ladies Should Have A Nelson Hens Party!

Nelson has it all. It’s a region dominated by wine and seafood. Artists love this region, so make sure you pick up a few unique art pieces while you’re here. There’s a tranquillity and culture about Nelson that everyone should experience at least one. This sunny spot is surrounded by pristine beaches and national parks. Kayaking, cycling, wineries and art galleries‒this is the perfect spot for a hens weekend.

How To Get To Nelson

Take the ferry across the beautiful Cook Strait from Wellington. Choose from the Interislander or Blue Bridge ferries. You can easily take your car across with you, but if you choose not to, it’s easy to rent a car to travel around in. Alternatively, you can of course fly, or if you’re coming up from the south, the drive is well worth it as the scenery is to die for.

The Most Awesome Nelson Hen Day Ideas!

 There is a lot to do here. For some guidance, consider these day time hen ideas to get you started:

Pole dancing

An instructor is on hand to give your hens party some tips and techniques in this pole dancing class. Let’s see who’s got the best moves as they swing around the pole, hang upside down. Sexy is the name of the game, now let’s see if it’s as easy as it looks…


This activity for your hen weekend is sure to break the ice in your group. Paintball is tons of fun as you stalk your enemies and do your best to win. If you’ve got a few in your group who just love competition, it won’t be hard to talk them into this. So come on, let’s see who’s the best markswoman in your group. This will add a bit of excitement and friendly competition to your hens weekend. 

Boat cruise

This region holds some of the most majestic and pristine scenery within New Zealand.  Watch the fishermen bringing up blue cod that will probably be served for your dinner that night. The mystery and beauty of the sound is like a tranquil meditation in itself. This is a treat for any hens party as you cruise on the crystal waters drinking the local wine and keeping an eye out for sight of dolphins, seals and whales.

Cooking Class

Because food and wine are so coveted in the region around Nelson, it would be criminal to leave without experiencing one of the cooking classes on offer. As this is a premiere fishing spot, they know their seafood with an expertise few of us ever master. This hens activity is loads of fun, and the best part is that you get to eat your culinary delight at the end of it. Bon appetite!

Wine crawl

Heard of a wine tour? Well, this is a wine crawl. You’ll be taken across a series of vineyards and wineries to taste the best wines on offer in this region. Take this opportunity to arrange a beautiful lunch for your hens party in one of the vineyards as you dine (and drink) in paradise. This is Nelson and it’s time for you to sample their world renowned wines.



Why You Guys Should Have A Nelson Stag Party!

Nelson has it all‒sunshine, sand, wineries, breweries, seafood galore, fishing, tramping…what more does one need for the ultimate stag weekend? This is a great playground for outdoor lovers with superb accommodation and restaurants for a little added luxury. Make this an opportunity to cross the Cook Strait on the ferry. Everyone has to do this at least once in their life time. The fishing here is superb, or if you want to get even more active, try mountain biking or hiking. You won’t regret it. 

How To Get To Nelson

Jump on the ferry in Wellington and disembark in nearby Picton. You can bring your car over if you want or just hire one when you get here. Alternatively, buses can be arranged to take you to your hotel. There are plenty of bars aboard the Interislander to get the party started. Alternatively, fly into the busy airport or drive up the scenic South Island.

The Most Awesome Nelson Day Time Stag Party Ideas!

Make this stag weekend one to remember with these cool stag party ideas.


Everyone loves paintball. Well, when they’re the one doing the shooting anyway. Get in your overalls and get ready to get messy as you take aim at your friends. It’s time for a bit of competition and some serious fun. This fantastically run paintball operation calls out to all ages for a guaranteed good time.

Clay bird shooting

Who is the best shot? Get your team together to decimate the harmless clay disks that are shot into the sky. A fully qualified instructor will be on hand to guide those who have never fired a gun before in this fun and safe stag party activity. Turn it into a friendly competition if you want. Either way, it’s a great way to spend a few hours.


The deep blue waters in this region have some monster sized fish lurking in them and it’s your turn to bring up some beauties. These fishing charters are run by skippers who seriously know their stuff. They have all the secret spots loaded into their GPSs so you know that you are in for some great fishing. This area is known for the blue cod, snapper and king fish. Let the skipper know what you want to target and they’ll do their best to make it happen. This will be a great day out for the boys. It’s the perfect activity to include in a stag weekend. Perfect for beginners and the experienced alike 

Boat cruise

If fishing isn’t everyone’s thing, why not just start the party with an awesome boat cruise around the region? With so any rustic beauty spots only able to be seen by the water, jump on board and explore the area. Cruises can vary widely between hour long cruises and day long trips so they can be tailored to your specifications. Food and drink can be available as well as you guys kick back and relax 
with a few beers. Enjoy!

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