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Find everything you need for a fantastic Stag Do Christchurch. We can help you plan and book a complete stag do or awesome boyz weekend Christchurch style!

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Stag Do Christchurch!

Make planning your stag do Christchurch easy by dealing with us! We have 10+ years of experience booking epic stag do Christchurch!

We aim to make you guys have an amazing time! You get the Hall Pass and we guarantee an awesome  boyz Weekend - Christchurch,

No one knows Christchurch as well as we do! We have been booking Stag Do -  Christchurch for years!

We make sure you are more than happy with your booking! Giving you heaps of Christchurch Bachelor Party ideas and options!

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Stag Do Christchurch

The South Islands largest city has played host to a number of amazing stag party over the year (most of them put together by us by the way!). What makes this just such a great place for a bunch of guys looking for a good time is that you get a perfect blend of laid back island living and all the cool stuff of a city.

Make no mistake about it, you fine gents are in for the time of your lives when you come here for your stag party. We have masses of experience booking Hen and Stag - Christchurch - Get your hall pass and contact us for your Christchurch Bachelor Party ideas!

Getting To Christchurch for your stag do

Plane is the easiest and most convenient way for a stag group to make their way to Christchurch. The airport is close to the heart of the city and has flights coming in all the time from all over. And of course, if you want to make a road trip out of it, you can all get in the car or hop on a bus and get here that way. If you need a hand with transport for your Stag Do Christchurch - Ask one of our team!

claybird shooting

The Best Stag Do Ideas Christchurch

Make sure the groom (and the rest of you blokes) have an amazing weekend by making the most of these three popular, Christchurch stag do ideas.

Stag do Christchurch - ideas

Go Karting

Let’s start with something fast and we are talking about lightning-like fast. This is a perfect Stag Do Christchurch staple! You will get to have a few practice laps to make sure you have the hang of these awesome go karts that are not only really quick, but they handle like a dream as well. Once you all have the hang of it….. it is time to race, we are talking full on Mario Kart style racing here….. well without throwing stuff at each other of course. There are all kinds of turns, twists and of course straights for you to try and overtake your mates.

Claybird Shooting Christchurch

If you guys are looking to blow off a little steam during your Christchurch stag party then we highly recommend blowing away a couple of dozen, claybirds……. Or at least trying to. Here you will be under the tuition of a man who knows his stuff when it comes to shooting. He will ensure that you boys know how to use the shotgun safely and properly. This is just such a great activity for a group of guys to do. It has guns, laughs, guns, good times….. and did we mention guns? That first time you blow one of the claybirds out of the sky is just such an amazing feeling and it will surely be a major highlight of your boyz weekend Christchurch!

Paintball Christchurch

Another staple Stag Do Christchurch activity! There is no better way to show the groom how much you care about him and how forward you are looking to his wedding than by hunting him down through the woods and shooting him at point blank range with a paintball gun! This is one of the most awesome thing you can do in Christchurch. Your day of paintball will see you split into teams and then you will attack or defend no matter what one you do, you will be tasked with shooting as many of your mates as possible. One thing that is a lot of fun to do at the end of the game is if you all chase down the groom in a game of, hunt the stag.


The Best Christchurch Stag Do Ideas

Get your hall pass and party into the night with these just freaking amazing, Christchurch stag do ideas for an epic boyz weekend - Christchurch!

Why book with us? We have 10+ years of experience booking  Hen and Stag -Christchurch and accross the country. We guarantee you an epic night or weekend! 

Party Bus with a Stripper 

What can go wrong with this Stag Do Christchurch banger?

Booking your own private Party Bus is a way to make sure that you boys get to see Christchurch in the most epic way possible. This is no normal bus that stinks of pee! This is a pimped out bus that has a great sound system, bar and even room for a stripper. That is right, you guys can actually hire a stripper to come on the bus with you, put on a show and serve as something of a sexy escort for your stag group.

Christchurch Party Boat 

Get on the high seas and sail around Christchurch on a boat that was made to rock! This boat is great boat and your stag party will be well taken care of with some good tunes to listen and party to, some nice food and of course plenty of drinks and if you are wanting to kick your Christchurch Party Boat experience up a little bit then you can book a stripper to come on board with you and show you boys one hell of a great strip show. Most of our party boats leaves from Lyttleton near Christchurch.

20 pax boat with people

Gentlemans club with stripper

Definalty need a hall pass for this stag do Christchurch Idea! 

A gentleman club is the best way to ensure you boys have a great night out on your own terms.  If you want to make sure that your stag do Christchurch goes down your way then booking a gentleman club is the way to go my hard rocking amigos.

The Best Places To Eat In Christchurch - Bachelor Party ideas

Make sure are nice and full by checking out some of these amazing places to grab some grub.

New York Deli

If you love big, giant and just freaking huge sandwiches with so many fillings that they are practically spilling out then you will fall in love with New York Deli. For a dream meal here you cannot go wrong with a huge sandwich, beer and a nice cup of chips! Now that is what we call a real man’s lunch.

Papas Pizza

Papas Pizza offer what seems like an never ending selection of pizzas in all sizes (although a real man never takes anything less than a large) some good drinks and a crap load of different sides. As well as offering some nice and quick food, Papas Pizza also offer you a fun, relaxing and just generally really nice place to eat.

Velvet Burger

Burgers are a firm favourite with stag groups who come to Christchurch as there are so many great places to get some nice burgers with one of the best being Velvet Burger. They serve up burgers that are huge, tasty and come in all kinds of variety. If you want just a plain burger then that is cool, but if you want to load that sucker up then you can.  

The Best Bars In Christchurch for a stag party

Have some good times…… and lots of drinks at these top Christchurch bars! All perfect for a stag do Christchurch - crawl!

Monza Sports Bar (Christchurch Casino)

Let’s start with a bar that not only as some great deals on drinks, nice food like pizza, but is also set inside a casino! Monza Sports Bar is just a top venue in every sense of the word. You can come here try your luck at a few games like Blackjack or perhaps the slots and then head to the bar to celebrate….. or forget about your losses you just had!

The Dark Room

The Dark Room is one hell of a cool bar. First of all this is a bar that is fully stocked with pretty much every kind of booze under the sun. But what makes this just such a great place to go during your Christchurch stag night is that The Dark Room is one of the top, live music venues in the city. There is some kind of gig going down almost every night. 

The Monday Room

The last bar we are suggesting is one of the more “weird” and “kooky” type of bars that is in the city. The Monday Room is certainly a bar that is where you come for a more laid back type of drink. There is all this weird art over the place and having a couple of beers here is certainly…. Let’s just say an interesting experience. 

The Most Amazing Clubs In Christchurch for stag do

There is a pretty big party scene here in Christchurch and at these top clubs, you boys can show what huge party animals you all are!

Calendar Girls

Now this is the type of club every guy hopes will be part of their stag weekend festivities! Calendar Girls is one of the top gentleman’s clubs in New Zealand. They only hire the sexiest ladies and they love to take good care of stag groups, offering some pretty epic deals. So be sure to make the grooms last weekend of freedom one where he can check out some sexy ladies!

female stripper

Club 22

Club 22 is the nightclub for you guys who love to go a little bit wild and party the night away. This is what we like to call a “good times” type of club because, Club 22 is not trying to be all cool and hip. This is a club that is just about getting people inside and making sure they all have an epic night. This is one of the best places in Christchurch to get that big club night feeling. 


If your idea of a great nightclub is one where they love to have crazy deals on booze and are always putting on some kind of fun and awesome theme night. Then let us tell you, Richey Bar & Nightclub is the club for you. There is always some kind of action going down here and no two nights are ever the same!

Do As The Tourists Do In Christchurch

Sure blokes typically do not want to do a whole lot of sightseeing when they are having a Christchurch stag weekend that is all about cutting loose and going crazy. But there are some pretty awesome things for you guys to check out like The Air Force Museum Of New Zealand. They have all kinds of cool aircraft here ranging from planes that have fought in various wars to some more modern aircraft as well. Another popular tourist attraction in Christchurch is  Addington Race Course where you can take in some great and exciting horse racing action.  

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