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Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Dunedin. We can help you plan and book a complete weekend of fun.

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Why You Guys Should Have A Dunedin Stag Party!

Because it’s Dunedin. This is a student city so they know how to party (and burn couches and vomit in the street but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.)
Anyway, there are loads of bars, great fishing, lovely ladies and lots of trainee doctors just in case you trip over when drunk and need medical attention. Yup, this place is prepared for stag parties so come on down.

How To Get To Dunedin

Fly, drive, bus. It’s one of New Zealand’s major cities, you’ll figure it out. If you’re from out of the region, there’s actually a lot to see and do, so you may want to hire a car and explore. There’s a lot more to Dunedin than snow and ice.

The Most Awesome Dunedin Day Time Stag Party Ideas!

Make the stag weekend one to remember with these cool day time activities.

Paintball ‒
Start off your stag weekend with some paintball action. This messy activity is sure to get your adrenalin pumping as you take aim at each other and duck for cover desperately. This well run paintball operation will guarantee a few hours of fun (and pain, maybe, if you suck at paintball and get shot…) These guys will set you up with
everything you need to play at Rambo. Enjoy.

Clay bird shooting ‒
Yes, someone out there will actually give you a shot gun and allow you to fire randomly into the air. Well, maybe not randomly, you are actually supposed to hit a little clay disk as it’s fired into the sky. Have you got what it takes? It’s time to prove that men do have great spatial abilities and that all that time trying to pee into a toilet bowl has paid off in terms of coordination. Best of luck, and yes, there will be a proper qualified instructor there to make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Happy Stag Weekend!

Fishing ‒
All your mates will thank you if you take them on an awesome fishing charter, even the ones who get sea sick, they’ll try to man it out in the hope of catching a monster fish that they can brag about. What are you after? Blue cod, groper, or the ultimate game fish? Make this stag weekend one to remember by hauling in the biggest fish.

Boat cruise ‒
If your stag group isn’t interested in killing small creatures, than perhaps you’ll be more interested in getting the party started with a boat cruise and enjoying the wildlife such as dolphins instead. Kick back and relax as you cruise around the Otago peninsular.
And as night falls…this is what you have to do in Dunedin for a kickass stag night:

Function room with strippers ‒
Get ready to misbehave without annoying any members of the public as you party in your own private function room. The icing on top are the sexy strippers who’ll arrive to entertain your group in full stag night tradition.

How many ladies do you need?

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