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Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Hamilton. We can help you plan and book a complete weekend of fun.

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Why You Guys Should Have A Hamilton Stag Party!

Hamilton is a party town! Its town centre is compact enough to make pub crawls easy for even the most inebriated of you to stumble to. It’s got an awesome casino, strippers galore, great food and a pumping night life. Hamilton is a great place for a boys’ weekend away. Any stag party in the Tron is going to rock (and of course Go Bananas can ensure that happens).

How To Get To Hamilton
It’s just a short drive from Auckland and you’ll get to leave all the issues of a major city behind. Traffic is easy to manoeuvre through and parks are easy to find. Simple is the name of the game here. Hamilton is stress free and partying is easy.

The Most Awesome Hamilton Day Time Stag Party Ideas!

Try these stag ideas out for size during the day before you get into serious partying mode.

Paintball‒Just like we said, Hamilton is a stress free city, and what better way to get any pre-wedding stress released than by shooting at your nearest and dearest with paintball guns? This professionally run stag day activity promises fun as you divide into teams and do your best to annihilate your enemies all in the name of good natured competition.

Clay bird shooting‒Bang bang. What the hell is it with guys and guns? If the paintball wasn’t enough for you, use your skills to blow away clay pigeons out of the sky and into a thousand pieces. A fully trained supervisor will be on hand to teach you what to do and guide you all in the safety aspects of this sport.

GoKarting‒No one ever gets too old for go karting. Race around the track and try to beat the best time. Just do your best not to crash and give the groom any broken bones for the wedding. Trust me, the bride won’t thank you….but we know some cute strippers who can dress up like nurses to get him better…just saying (see below).

Night Time Stag Party Activities

Here we go! It’s time to get the party started with these awesome stag night activities.

Boat cruise‒Cruising on the Waikato River is a great way to start off your stag night.
Crack open a few beers and get the party started on the water as you sail along. Need food? We can arrange catering as well. Just let us know what you want and we’ll tailor everything to your needs.

Strippers‒Need I say more?
But I will anyway. These girls are HOT! Need just one or maybe ten? We’ll provide dancers for you to make this the ultimate stag night. Fulfil your fantasies with the sexy cop or the dirty nurse. High quality ladies will be at your door and ready to entertain. Give the groom the night that he deserves in classic stag party style. These ladies will not disappoint and your entire stag party will be in for one helluva night.

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