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Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Hawkes Bay. We can help you plan and book a complete weekend of fun.

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Why You Guys Should Have A Hawkes Bay Stag Party!

Think Hawkes Bay and automatically we think of wine and food. That means that amazing bars and restaurants are everywhere. What more could you want for the ultimate stag do? This seaside city is a fishing and water sports paradise for the energetic as well as a relaxing utopia for those wanting to experience gourmet meals, delicious wine and boutique beers. The Hawkes Bay is a great place to party any way you want it!

How To Get To Hawkes Bay

Fly into the domestic airport or drive. It’s easy to get to and it has some pretty amazing scenery along the way. Think endless rows of grapes to get the idea. If you know that 
you’re going to indulge over the stag weekend, it might pay to just take a bus and that way you can just sleep it off on the way home.

The Most Awesome Hawkes Bay Day Time Stag Party Ideas!

Try these action packed stag party activities for size to keep you guys occupied.


This professional paintball operation will get you all riled up and in the partying mood as you take aim at one another all in good fun. It’s time to bond with the guys and what better way to do that than to shoot at them? This is a must do stag weekend activity to make the most of all that testosterone

 clay bird shooting

So you don’t want to shoot at each other? That’s fine. This time it’s the clay birds who are the victims. Let’s see who’s the best shot as an experienced instructor shows you what to do and how to fire safely. Even if your stag party have never been shooting before, this activity is always lots of fun to include in a stag weekend so pick up a shot gun and blast away at the target. You might just hit it. Pull!

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