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Rotorua Stag Party Ideas - Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Rotorua. We can help you plan and book a complete weekend of fun for your Stag Do!

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Rotorua Stag Party Ideas- Boyz Weekend!

Rotorua isn’t all about cultural activities. It’s actually got a great night life and this tourist mecca has some of the best sporting and adventure activity around.

Don’t forget about the food. Rotorua has fantastic restaurants that range from the very high-end to the budget conscious.

Not to mention the fact that the geothermal activity of the area provides naturally heated hot pools to get you nice and steamed up.

Rotorua Bachelor Party ideas

How To Get To Rotorua

Rotorua’s lakeside airport caters for some Australian flights for international visitors.

Otherwise, it’s a quick hour-long flight from Auckland, and only a three-hour drive if you decide to take that scenic route instead.

The Most Awesome Rotorua Stag Do - Must Do's!

Like any tourism hotspot, you’ll be inundated from day one with things to see and do.

Here are some of our favourites for stag dos.

You may as well spend the weekend. We can book accommodation to suit your group and tastes and ours are stag friendly. Perfect for a Boyz Weekend in Rotovegas!

Hot Pools
Do you want a hot pool to relax in before the party starts? Just let us know so we can work in with your budget. Not your typical Stag do idea but perfect for recovering from the night before!


This is always a stag do staple and always popular on any Rotorua bachelor party ideas list!

Spend the day hammering each other at paintball. Awesome stag challenge material! This is the true test of manhood and how many bruises one can stand. What the hell, it hurts, but it’s a fun way to spend the day of a stag party. You’ll end the day exhausted but triumphant.

Clay bird shooting
Ready to smash those clay disks out of the sky? Your stag party get to show off their shooting skills with real, live ammunition. Scared? Don’t be. It’s safe and its fun. You’ll be shown what to do and then you’ll be creating chaos in the sky.

This is another stag do staple of the outdoors kinda stag!  Add it to your Rotorua stag party ideas list!


Perfect for a chilled start to your stag do in Rotovegas! 
This is a boyz weekend. Spend it trout fishing on one of the many lakes around Rotorua. A charter boat will provide all the gear and the bait as they take you to all their secret spots for catching monster sized trout.
Kick back and enjoy a few beers as you wait for the fish to bite. There are some legendary sized trout in these lakes if you’re skilled enough to catch one.

Another one for the stag challenge list! No one ever outgrows the luges in Rotorua. Travel up the mountain in the gondalas and then race your friends down the winding track. It’s endless fun, and it doesn’t hurt that at the top is a great bar and restaurant overlooking the whole of Rotorua.
There’s now an awesome mountain bike track up there too, so look at renting some bikes and giving it a go.

Night Time Stag Party Activities - Rotorua Bachelor Party ideas

If you’re not too exhausted after your day of adventure in Rotorua, here are some ideas for the ultimate stag night.

Boat cruise with strippers

Any Rotorua bachelor party ideas list without this is as an option may as well go in the bin!
Enjoy Lake Rotorua in all its scenic beauty as trout jump,
gulls circle and the city lights up as you cruise along its waters…oh yeah, and if that’s not enough beauty for you, there are strippers too.
This’ll be one awesome stag do as you and your friends spend the night partying on the water with some hot company. Just don’t fall in!

Function Room with Strippers
Party in your own private room. A special room will be
prepared for you in a central location and strippers are welcome. This is a must for every stag night. After all, what’s a stag party without a stripper? There are a selection of ladies to suit all tastes. Come on, guys, this is the last time the groom will ever have permission to drool over another lady again. Stag Do and Boyz Weekend heaven!

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