Pistol Shooting & Meal near Howick

A fun corporate package that includes an activity and a nice dinner at a suburb location near Howick. Beautiful winery and outdoor space.

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Fun package near Howick
  • Great for Xmas, Corporate do's
  • Pistol shooting on site
  • Great food
  • An excellent venue for your next Auckland corporate event, Xmas do, teambuilding day out in. A beautiful winery only 15 km south of Howick with nice outdoor settings, restaurant and rows of wines to explore are opening their doors for our corporate groups. 

    GoBananas has a popular package that includes a nice venue & meal, but also a fun activity prior. PISTOL SHOOTING - fun for everyone and can get competitive. 

    Xmas or Corporate Package in Auckland

    • Pistol Shooting on site amongst the wines or green grass area. Allow 90 min to 2 hours pending your group size.  
    • Table and area booked with a set menu
    • A bar tab can be set up

    Auckland Pistol Shooting and how it works

    • Pistol shooting complete with all equipment, steel targets or paper targets, two CO2 8 shot Berettas with airbarn shelter or a range of other options from rifle shooting to team tasking activities.
    • Fun activity 
    • All delivered with a licenced instructor who is facilitating the event. 
    • Allow 90 min to 2 hours pending your group size. Groups over 25 people allow 2 hours. 

    Pricing for our Pistol Shooting Package

    • Minimum 15 people for this package, however certain dates in November and December are min 50 people. Dates for 2019 are: November - 24, 29, 30 & December - 8, 13 - 15. We do allow joint groups.  Discounts apply for larger groups. 

    • Max 45 people for this set up, however, for larger groups we can add another activity and create and round-robin style event. 

    Venue details

    • Your dinner or lunch will be served in the restaurant and if the weather is stunning you can also sit outside overlooking the wines. We can also cover the outdoor area in case of bad weather.
    • Menu - see details below
    • Put money behind the bar. 
    • If you are after exclusive venue hire, talk to GoBananas. It is only available for groups over 50+ and venue hire may apply. Times available are from 6 pm on the weekends and during the week Monday - Thursday from either 11 am to 5 pm or 6 pm onwards. Smaller groups may be able to join up with others.
    • The venue has room for up to 200 people. 

    If you want lots of BANG for your Buck or to score from your BANG, then this is the package for you. Talk to GoBananas about your Xmas do in Auckland or mid year event and how we can help you organise a memorable day. 

  • Minimum Number: 15

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