Auckland Team Building & Xmas Parties

Need ideas and help with your corporate event & function, team building or Xmas party in Auckland. See Gobananas list of activities below ranging from fun team building activities to more evening packages for your Xmas do in Auckland.  

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Team Building Auckland
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Christmas Party Ideas Auckland
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Need help with your Auckland team building or Christmas Party?

GoBananas has been organising corporate events in Auckland for the past 10 years. We have a great selection of corporate team building ideas and fun Xmas party options in Auckland. 

We say there is no need to do the same thing every year here. And we can help you achieve that. 

Auckland has an abundance of team building activities, fun cheaper things to do, and entertaining evening options. Talk to Gobananas now for more information or check out our selection below.

We have divided them into to 2 sections;

  • Teambuilding in Auckland
  • Xmas Party in Auckland 

Our team building section includes ANYTHING that relates to teambuilding activities & packages involving an activity & dinner/lunch. Our Xmas party section includes only drinking, eating and mainly night time events like shows.

Being the leading event planner in Auckland, GoBananas has corporate activities in all areas, so if you are looking for something on the North Shore, we can narrow down our selection to be just based on that. 

Here is a quick glance of what each region has, but please talk to a member of our staff as well, we always get new places on our books. 

Corporate activities in Auckland CBD

  1. Master chef class or a cooking class
  2. Amazing Race in CBD area
  3. Room Escape package
  4. Comedy Show Package
  5. Cabaret Show Package
  6. Bubble soccer & Archery Attack at a park in the CBD Auckland
  7. Boat cruises with dinner
  8. Function room packages
  9. Trivia nights in a function room venue
  10. Murder mystery party
  11. Cocktail making class
  12. Mobile cocktail event - we come to you

North Shore for corporate activities

  1. Claybird Shooting near Silverdale
  2. Golf Package near Silverdale
  3. Amazing Race
  4. Fun adventure park 
  5. High Flyer Course
  6. Fun things to hire
  7. Hire Long Bay park and do some activities
  8. Mobile cocktail event 

South Auckland region for corporate events

  1. Book a Lodge with fun activities & food
  2. Rafting near Manakau
  3. Winery with claybird shooting + dinner
  4. Gokarting 
  5. Winery for lunch or dinner
  6. Boogie nights event near Avondale

Corporate event ideas for West Auckland

  1. Winery with activities to do
  2. Claybird shooting followed by perhaps brewery visit
  3. Drift karting with BBQ meal
  4. Quad biking
  5. Wine Tour to West Auckland
  6. Winery dance & dinner event

Why choose Gobananas to organise your work do & corporate event in Auckland!

We really do pride ourselves on throwing the best damn corporate, work, Christmas function….. you name it -  we do it type of party!

Here is why you should choose GoBananas:

  1. We have a wealth of knowledge of what works in Auckland 
  2. We will give you ideas, perhaps some you haven't even thought off
  3. Close to 10 years experience in organising events in Auckland
  4. We can tailor-make it to suit your requirements & budgets
  5. We are in the office every day Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm
  6. We are reliable and only work with the best suppliers in Auckland

 Why having a Work Party in Auckland is such a Great Idea

Having a Auckland work party can do such productive things as….. drinking together, talking about the boss are all ways that work colleagues can bond outside of work and thus have a much better relationship while in the office or wherever it is you work. This leads to not just a better workplace environment, but also can greatly help with productivity as well by breaking down the walls between employees…. Also for you bosses throwing a kick ass work party is a great way to make you come across as a better and more approachable type of boss.

Also it has been proven (probably scientifically proven actually) that having a work party is a great way to get the work place to bond, know each other better and even make the people at the top of the work place not seem so boring, uptight and make them seem more like one of the guys or gals……. That is the type of party we can organise for you!

How to plan a successful corporate event in Auckland?

Have you been given the task of planning the company's corporate day out and stuck for ideas?

Here are a few tips on how to plan it and not be overwhelmed by it all.

  • Start the process as early as possible. If you are looking for November and December dates you need to start looking in June/July.
  • Get the budget and work around that. It is easier to work around that cause some of the activities you would be looking at may be out of the budget. Then you can narrow the options down to 3.
  • Pick between 3 activities - makes your life easier and also the decisions process. To many choices ends up confusing everyone, wasting time and dividing the group.   
  • Get an answer as soon as you can - dates and availability changes, so don't let the boss take 1 month to decide. You most likely will have to start over again. 
  • Be flex with dates and times and if not - then you need to be the first one out to secure the date. 
  • Try something new this year. Don't be scared of giving something new a go. Corporate events are about shaking the team together and having a laugh. So think outside the box. 
  • Talk to Gobananas and let us do the hard work. GoBananas has a huge range of activities on our books, so let us be your one-stop shop. We can even organise transport between the things you organise.
  • GoBananas has over 10 years experience in organising corporate activities in Auckland, so let us make some suggestions to make your corporate team building day in Auckland a success. 

The Top Auckland Corporate Activities

These are the most popular ones that the great city of Auckland has to offer. There is sure to be some good laughs and great times had here. 

 Boat Cruise on Auckland Harbour

The harbour area of Auckland is one of the most amazing and perhaps even iconic parts of the great city of Auckland. What better way to spend some quality time with your work mates than by having a few beers, some cocktails and some nice food as well while riding on a really cool boat. Any good work party is of course going to involve a whole lot of alcohol and having a few drinks on a boat before you hit a bar is a great way to get the party started. Let us just say that if you have a night cruise, you must go on one that goes under the Auckland Harbour Bridge….. it is awesome! GoBananas has a huge range of boats we work with. What ever company size you are, we got a boat that can cater for you. Although in saying that the largest one available in Auckland is currently for up to 150 people.




Wine Tours to Waiheke Island or West Auckland.

New Zealand has some of the very best wineries all around one thing that many of the tourists love to do and something that we think would be awesome for your workplace is taking a ride to Waiheke Island and taking in the winery there. Also West Auckland is home to a number of different wineries where you can take in the scenery, eat some food and get some samples which let’s face it is the main reason you go to a winery. Nice day out on your work do Auckland.




Corporate Casino Night in Auckland

One thing that many work places have had a great deal of success with (in Australia) as well as New Zealand is having a casino night! A casino night is a lot of fun and can involve pretty much every kind of game that you can imagine. If you fancy yourself as something like a card shark then you will want to play some poker or blackjack. If you think that lady luck is on your side then you may want to give the roulette tables a try. A casino night mixed with some alcohol is always going to be a fun evening and something that has proven to be very popular.

Work Party Murder Mystery Evening in Auckland

Do you have the detective skills of Batman? Can you solve a crime like the old lady from Murder She Wrote? Well if you think you do then you will get a huge kick out of a murder mystery evening. You will have a host who will set the scene and keep the story going, but it is down to you folks to figure out who the killer is, why they did it and put a stop to them before they strike again! This is a great laugh and it works well as a teambuilding exercise as people have to work together.

Corporate Claybird Shooting in Auckland

Here we have an activity that has proven to be very popular and that is claybird shooting. To start with you will get to have some fun, learning how to use a shotgun the right way this not only keeps things safe and sound, but also makes sure you have a good shot at hitting the claybirds. This gets you having some fun together, but it also has a little competitive edge so be sure to have some prizes for the people who kick some ass.

Fun Cocktail Making Class in Auckland

For you folks who love drinking…… especially after a long hard workweek. We have perhaps the greatest Auckland teambuilding activity of all time and that my friends is a cocktail making class. Here you will be given all the ingredients you need to come up with the greatest cocktail the world has ever seen! You will be actually taught the right way to mix your items, but how your cocktail turns out is all down to you! This is a great time and tasting each other’s cocktails is sure to be something you are all talking about on Monday morning.


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