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Wellington Stag Party Ideas - Find everything you need for a fantastic stag party in Wellington. We can help you plan and book a complete day or weekend of fun.

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Wellington - Stag Party Ideas

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Wellington Bachelor Party ideas

Why Wellington?

The capital of New Zealand is sure as hell a great city for a group of crazy blokes to take over for an awesome Wellington stag party! Offering you some of that “island living” as well as all the stuff you would want and expect a great city to have, Wellington has played host to some of the most epic stag party in history! 

Getting to Wellington for your stag do or boyz weekend!

Part of the reason that many gents like to have Wellington as their stag do location is that it is just so easy to get here. We would expect that no stag group in the history of stag party has had any issues getting here. The Wellington International Airport is only 15 minutes (by car) from the centre of the city, so many people chose to fly into Wellington. Or if you really want to make getting here, a “thing” then take a wild and crazy road trip! Honestly, you will have no issues making your way here no matter what kind of transport you use.

Wellington Stag Party Ideas Galore! 

bar people

The Best Wellington Stag Do - Day Ideas

Make sure you boys are really living it up in style with these epic, Wellington stag day activities! 

Paintball in Wellington - Stag do staple! 

There are certain activities that will always be popular with groups of blokes and paintball is right up near the top of that list. You guys will get to war all this amazing safety gear that makes you look like you are about to take on the Predator or Terminator. Once in teams, you will be given the rules of your game (usually attack or defend) and then it is time to kick some ass. Shooting a mate when he least expects it really is one of the greatest joys in life! A great time is pretty much guaranteed when you play paintball with your mates. This is a sure-fire winner for your stag do or boyz weekend! 

Wellington Claybird Shooting - Awesome Wellington Stag Party Ideas

Now here we have a really cool activity because you get to play with shotguns! Well, maybe play is the wrong word! You will actually be taught by a marksman who knows his stuff the right way to handle and use a shotgun. Not only does this make you an automatic badass, it also means you will actually have a chance at hitting some of those clay birds! You guys will have a lot of laughs here, but your scores will be kept, and at the end of the session you guys will be able to see who the best shooter is. Perfect for the outdoorsy kinda stag do! 

claybird shooting

Go Karting in Wellington for stag parties 

If you blokes have the need for speed and love playing racing video games, then you simply must make a couple of hours of go-karting one of your Wellington stag do ideas! Go-karting is just such a great day out in Wellington! You boys will be putting your driving (or video game skills as this does feel like a video game!) to the test as you are hauling ass around this well-designed track with some devilishly fast straights and plenty of twists and turns. At the end of the race, you will know who the best driver in your group is, and you will all bow to him……. Or maybe just buy him a beer if you think bowing is going too far. This has been a stag do classic from the start of time! 

The Best Wellington Stag Party Ideas

You guys will have the best Wellington stag party ever if you check out these amazing stag night activities. We have an array of Wellington bachelor party ideas. Get in touch with our GoBananas team today we have 10+ years experience booking Wellington hen and stag do's!

Wellington Stag Boat Cruise…. with a Stripper!

Now as awesome as the thought of a stripper actually driving the boat is, we must make the point clear the stripper will be just there to take her clothes off and dance for you…….. and what is the problem with that???? HotHot Stag Do idea!  Wellington has some of the most amazing water in New Zealand and what better way to enjoy it than by cruising around with some good booze and of course with a sexy stripper putting on a great show for you boys. Most boats leave from Queens Wharf in Wellington so right next to the city centre. Perfect for that flash Wellington bachelor party ideas box!

20 pax boat with people

Pub Crawl around Wellington

Here we have one of the classics when it comes to Wellington stag party ideas. Hire your own private transport for the evening. Organise your route or let us help you. Wellington has some great bars, taverns and cool places to see out of the city centre.  Sometimes you do not want to do anything fancy, you just want to go from pub to pub and having a great time doing it……. And we think there is nothing wrong with that at all. Another classic stag do and boyz weekend idea! 

Stag Friendly Function Room with Stripper in Wellington!

The last stag party idea that we have for you blokes is a way to have a great night with your mates but without a bunch of random weirdos being near you! We are talking about booking your very own private, function room. This is just a great idea in so many ways. First of all, you guys will not be disturbed. Also you can have your own bar or waiter to get your booze and best of all you can hire a stripper to come and put on a great show for the groom to be! Another awesome Wellington stag party Ideas suggestion for the crew! 

Wellington Bachelor Party ideas - The Best Places To Eat!

Enjoy a nice meal with your mates…. Or just use these places as a way to soak up some alcohol! No matter what you boys will have a great meal at these places.

Hell Pizza in Wellington

You, pizza lovers, are going to be in Heaven in Hell Pizza....... Heaven in Hell? Anyway, they dish up some amazing pizzas (that they make in huge sizes) you can cover these bad boys in pretty much every topping under the sun. One other thing they have here is amazing desserts like their chocolate covered, Killer Bananas!

Ekim Burgers

Look we know that your Wellington stag party is going to be moving at 100 mph. That is why we are suggesting this awesome take out joint, Ekim Burgers. We are talking burgers that are just so damn huge you will need two hands to hold it…… and possibly help from a mate as well! For food on the go this is your best option!


Monterey is a cool and hip type of place to enjoy some nice sandwiches, good cocktails and eat in a pretty laid back and chilled out way. This is a really cool diner that is ideal for you guys who want to maybe take it easy for half an hour, eat some food and catch your breath before you head to your next amazing, Wellington stag day activity. 

The Best Bars In Wellington for Stag Parties and Boyz Weekend!

Wellington has just a whole bunch of kick-ass bars and here are three of the very best that this city has to offer.

Four Kings

Four Kings has won, New Zealand’s best sports bar award more time than any other bar! You sports nuts will love this place. While they serve up some nice food and have a bar full of every kind of booze under the sun. They have one of the most awesome TV setups you will ever see, and they play the sport from all corners of the globe! 

Chicago Sports Café

Good beer, good food, live sport and good times! What more could some crazy blokes want from a bar? Chicago Sports Café is a really fun place to go and have a few drinks - ideal for a stag party. This is a sports bar, but they have all kinds of functions and events taking place here. This is one of those bars where you will always have a great time.

Brooklyn Bar

Lastly, we have Brooklyn Bar, which is where you guys go for a few drinks if you are in the mood to drink in a more… let’s just say a sophisticated type of environment. This is just a really nice bar that is classy, but not so classy that a group of crazy blokes on a wild stag party will feel out of place. 

The Most Amazing Clubs In Wellington for Stag Nights

Wellington has a few really awesome clubs for you guys to impress the ladies with your dance moves or just sit nodding your head to the music as you sip your beer. Check out these crackers for your stag do bro!

The Mermaid

Now here we have a club that offers the “best in adult entertainment” …….. that is right, The Mermaid is a lap dancing club not only that, but it is one of the very best that Wellington has to offer. They put on some of the most amazing and sexy strip shows you guys will ever see. You can even make it, so the grooms night is extra special by booking him a private dance…. Hell live a little and book one for yourself as well. 

The Boogie Wonderland

The Boogie Wonderland is all about cutting loose and just going all kinds of crazy! This is a proper party club for you guys who love to have a great time. This is a club that always seems to have some kind of event going on…. Pretty much every night of the week. Theme nights in the past have been things like cabaret shows, comedy nights, bands, DJ’s and everything in between. This is the type of club where you never know what is going to happen. 


One of the most popular clubs in New Zealand is the epic, Famous. They have a great dance floor here which makes Famous a great club for you guys who think you are something of a Justin Timberlake. Or on the flip side of this, Famous is a great club if you like to just have a few beers and watch the ladies get down on the floor…… do people still say, get down on the floor?

Do As The Tourists Do In Wellington

Of course, as the capital city, Wellington has just a load of awesome sights for you guys to check out. So if you are looking for something a little touristy to do during your Wellington stag weekend then two of the biggest tourist attractions are first of all, Wellington Zoo where you can see all kinds of animals….. many of which would eat you in a second if they could which to us is always the mark of a good zoo. Another one of the biggest tourist attractions is The Wellington Cable Car which we know sounds boring, but it offers you a really cool way to go from one end of the city to the other…… and rest your feet in the process.  

To get your Wellington stag arty ideas put into action and start putting the stag do wheels in motion. 

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