Wellington Day Time Stag Activities

Wellington Stag Party Daytime Activities

Find all the best and most exciting stag do ideas - Wellington has to offer! Daytime activities and fab things to do in Wellington. We can help you plan and book a great day of stag activities in Wellington and make your day fun & memorable.

Boat Cruise in Wellington
Book this sweet catamaran with room for to 20 people. BYO drinks and entertainment allowed.


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Bubble soccer for Stag in Wellington
Crazy fun stag do activity in Wellington. Affordable bubble soccer as your afternoon kick-off to your stag party.


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Claybird Shooting in Wellington
Put your mates to the test and find out whose the best shot in this awesome activity that is ideal for your stag party in Wellington


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GoKarting in Wellington for Stags
Fast and furious stag party activity with our gokarting package in Wellington


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Paintball for Wellington Stags
Stag party mayham with a great paintball set up for any stag party in Wellington.


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Stag Day Package in Wellington
This package in Wellington has everything you want from a stag party in Wellington, awesome activities, food and drink and hassle free planning


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Daytime Stag Do Ideas Wellington

You have come to the right place. GoBananas has been organising stag do's in Wellington for years. We know the right places to send our stag groups. We can also organise your transport in between your day time activities, so no one has to be the sober driver.

  • Make your life easy, by keeping everything in one place
  • We can help you plan the whole stag party - Wellington
  • We have great deals to ensure your stag day cost-effective
  • Group payment system is available, so easy for you to manage payments
  • We can also organise your accommodation if you are having a Wellington stag weekend
  • Dedicated party planner to sort out your stag party

Our top picks for daytime stag do activities in Wellington

Daytime activities are perfect to set your stag do challenge -Wellington style!

  1. Claybird shooting 
  2. Paintball 
  3. Boat Cruise
  4. Gokarting

Lets go into a bit more details, so you can make a good decision about what day time activity to chose for your stag party.

Claybird shooting for stag groups in Wellington

A fun, competitive activity to do for any stag group and something to do before all the drinking starts. We don't want any accidents, so strictly no drinking prior. Normally takes around 1-2 hours depending on your groups size and set up as a competition to make it fun and stag friendly. Located 20 min outside of Wellington it is easy to get to, however only by own transport. Perfect stag do challenge - Wellington has to offer!

Paintball in Wellington for stag groups

GoBananas works with a couple of different paintball providers in the Wellington area so no matter your location or plan we can put together the best field for you. Paintball as a stag day activity is always a success for any stag group in Wellington. We all like a bit of shooting, running, hunting and most importantly trying to endure pain on your best mate. That is the fun of it! Here is your change to, so you are surely not going to let it slip. Most of GoBananas paintball packages includes x amount of paintballs, but don't you worry - you can buy more on the day to keep you going. This is a classic Classic stag do challenge - Wellington!

paintball game

Boat Cruise in Wellington Harbour for a stag day time event

We mostly like to do our boat cruise for stag groups during the day and here is why;

  • We find that the stag parties are not as drunk or has hardly had anything when boarding. That is how we like it! We don't want a lot of drinking prior to a party cruise, cause once you are on the boat all you are doing is drinking. So we need to make sure you can last the duration of the boat cruise.
  • In daylight hours you can see where you are going and hopefully won't trip up when walking around the boat. Luckily GoBananas works with different skippers in Wellington and has different styles party boats. Some a smaller and others more space especially around the side of the boat.

Booking a boat cruise for your Wellington stag party is an awesome idea and to be honest you wouldn't be the first group wanting that. So be in early and secure the boat and time slot you are after. Party boat cruises in Wellington are very popular and if you add some female bikini waitresses or strippers to the cruise - you are set for a hell of a time. This is a awesome idea to top off your stag weekend! 

20 pax boat with people

Stag party Gokarting in Wellington

Gokarting is a great choice for many reasons and here is why. It is located in Wellington close to the CBD, so you could taxi out there cheap. It takes 1 hour or so, so not the whole afternoon and everyone likes a bit of racing. Put your play station skills to practice and see who is the winner. Set up as a team event, competitive and bound to get the boys in to some mischief. Staple stag party Wellington idea!

Remember to contact our team for your stag do challenges -Wellington. We can create you an awesome stag weekend in Wellington that the guys will never forget! 


Wellington Stag Party

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