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Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Auckland. We can help you plan and book a complete hen party in Auckland. Gobananas has a huge list of fun hens party activities in Auckland and can take the stress out of planning such an important day.  

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Hens Party Auckland

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hens party in Auckland - why Auckland is a great destination?

One of the very best places that you ladies can go for a fun hens party is Auckland. New Zealand has many wonderful places, but Auckland is one place where you are pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing weekend! There is no better way to send the bride to be off in style than with a fun Auckland hen party. You have all the cool and practical stuff you would want in a city, but you also have the charm of island living as well.

wine tasting

hens party Auckland - activities for during the day

Before you ladies have a wild hens night you have to live it up during the day and have some wild times! Here are the most popular and fun things you can do during the day in Auckland for a hens party.

Hens party burlesque class Auckland

Now here we have an Auckland hen day activity that is about an 11 on the sexy scale and a 15 on the fun scale. Your burlesque dancing lesson will see you ladies get all dolled up and learn how to put on some sexy dance moves. You and your friends will get to put on a fun little show and have an amazing time in the process. This is not meant to be taken seriously it is just all about having fun.

Maison Burlesque 800x420

Cocktail Making Class Auckland

Any hen party that is worth remembering will involve at least 7 tons of cocktails! Auckland has many cocktail bars, but this is more than just throwing down cocktail after cocktail! Here you will be under the keen eye of a bartender who will teach you ladies how to stir, mix and make the best damn cocktails ever…… of course if your cocktails are actually any good is down to you, but messing up and coming up with weird cocktails is all part of the fun here……. yes you will get to sample a lot of cocktails while you do this if that is what you are wondering.

Master Chef Challenge Auckland

I am sure you have seen or at least heard of the Master Chef TV show well now you get to put your cooking skills to the test and perhaps learn a thing or two…… all the while having a great time in the process. You will have a number of different dishes that you can make here and you will also get to try each other’s food…. Which if you are a horrible cook is a good thing!

dupling class

Wine Tour Waiheke Island or West Auckland – hens parties auckland

Auckland has some very nice wineries and a pretty big winemaking scene which is ideal as a hen party should have a lot of glasses of wine being poured. There are a number of wine tours available in Auckland, but the most popular wine tours are on Waiheke Island and in West Auckland. A wine tour is a great way to do something a little bit cultured and of course taste a hell of a lot of wine.

Hens Party Auckland - Having The Best Possible night

Here we are looking at the most popular Auckland hen party ideas!

Hen Party Bus in Auckland

If you are a little stuck on deciding what bars you should go to then let the Party Bus take care of that for you. The Party Bus will take you around some of the best bars in the city. This is great as first of all they only go to the best bars, but also it means you ladies do not have to walk or worry about getting a taxi. The Party Bus is ideal if you want your whole hen night to be taken care of in one booking and also be able to party as you are going from bar to bar!

Auckland Private Function Room With Stripper

Booking a function room is something that is very popular with hen groups in Auckland. This is a way that you can ensure you ladies are not going to be disturbed and you can pretty much tailor your evening to the way you girls want it to go. One way to make your own private room that little bit more awesome is with a male stripper or a topless male waiter. There is no more of a classic, Auckland hen night idea with some male entertainment! So put a smile on the brides face with a nice, hard bodied hunk taking his clothes off!

Party Boat Auckland

Auckland has some of the most beautiful and clear water of anywhere in the world and there really is no better way to appreciate the open sea than by getting on a Party Boat, drinking a lot of cocktails and getting down to some awesome party tunes! There is just something so cool and special about partying on a boat that really makes you just want to cut loose and have an amazing time. Everyone seems to party just a little harder when they are on a boat! Gobananas has a huge range of hens party party boats – so check them out. Add male waiter or male stripper and you are set for a great time here in Auckland harbour.

Hens party Auckland - The Best  Restaurants

Make sure you ladies are having a fun time eating by checking out these great places to grab some grub.

Le Garde Manager

The Le Garde Manager is a very nice and classy French restaurant. This is a very up market looking type of place, but one thing that is cool is their prices. This is a place that has everything a fine dining establishment should have (and a delicious French menu as well) but the prices are very reasonable. So if you want some fine dining, but do not want to spend a ton of money then check this place out.


Here is the best Kiwi fine dining experience you can get in Auckland. If you want the main meal of your Auckland hen weekend to be really special then come to Sidart who are always adding new things to their menu and offer a five and nine course meal! You will be well and truly stuffed after a meal here!

Jervois Steakhouse

Jervois Steakhouse is for you ladies who love meat! They serve up some of the biggest, juiciest and tastiest steaks that you will ever have the pleasure of eating. With a nice and friendly atmosphere, great wine list and an incredible menu,  a meal at Jervois Steakhouse has been a highlight of many Auckland hen weekends.

hens party Auckland - The Best Bars 

No matter if you are a cocktail, wine or perhaps even a beer type of gal, Auckland has a number of top bars for you girls to drink in.

The Housebar

I am starting with one of the most underrated bars in Auckland, The Housebar. This is actually located at the top of the Hotel DeBrett and is kind of hard to find if you do not know about it. But they have an amazing art deco type of bar and serve up some of the tastiest and most exotic cocktails you will ever have!


Fukuko is a really cool and hip, Japanese themed bar. Not only do they have all this fun, interesting and just awesome, Japanese art and decor, but they have all these amazing Japanese drinks that you simply cannot get anywhere else. If you are looking for something a little bit different then you will definitely want to have a few drinks ere. 


This is a really interesting and unique bar that is all about far east culture. XUXU offer an incredible night out, offering some amazing deals on drinks and just an atmosphere you cannot get in any other bar. One thing you must do when you come here is go out to the courtyard and enjoy a few drinks under the stars.

hens party auckland- The Best Clubs 

Make sure your Auckland hen night ends with a bang at one of these top Auckland clubs.


Roxy is a really cool type of place to come and party and what makes a night here so epic is has tasty cocktails. They are pretty diverse in what typ of music, DJ’s and artists they have performed here so you never know what you are going to get. If you want to make sure the club has awesome music and dancing facilities look at Roxy for your event. 

Karma Nightclub

If you are looking for a fun club to close out your hen night then look no further. Karma nightclub - it has everything you need. They are different areas to party in or kick back with a quiet drink if you want. Amazing deals on drinks every single night! And they even get live entertainment in here from time to time as well.

The Touristy Side Of Auckland

Auckland is a huge hit with tourists, heck that is why so many ladies want to have an Auckland hen party! There are a number of amazing tourist attractions here. The most obvious and popular is the huge, Sky Tower which has many things to do inside……. And even outside if you are brave enough to do the Sky Walk! Another really fun place you ladies might want to check out is Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium which has all kinds of amazing looking... and downright freaking looking sea creatures!

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