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Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Wellington. We can help you plan and book a complete hen party break or a whole day of fun hen party stuff. 

Hen Party Ideas Wellington
Hens party ideas Wellington
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Hens Party Wellington

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Hens Party Wellington - why?

As our nation’s capital, Wellington is a place where you ladies are going to have one heck of an amazing hen party. The south of the North Island is just beautiful and here you get a good mix of that island living with nice beaches and so on, but there are also some good things that you would expect from a city. While not the biggest city in the world, Wellington sure does make up for it with its charm.

How To Get To Wellington

One of the things that makes, Wellington one of the best places to have a fun hens party in New Zealand is that it is actually very easy to get to. Being the capital, you would expect it and we have yet to hear from a group of ladies that they have had a hard time getting here. They have an international airport in Wellington and it is only about a 15 minute drive from the centre of the city. More than a few ladies love to hire a car and make something of a road trip when they come to Wellington. No matter how you want to get here, you will not have any major headaches over it.


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Hen Party Wellington - Activities

In the early days of planning a hens party Wellington it is usually the hen night that gets all the attention, but there are plenty of fun things for you ladies to get up to during the day while you are in Wellington!

Wellington Cocktail Making Class for hens parties

If you ladies are as wild and crazy as we think that you are……. Or perhaps you have an inner party animal and need a little help getting it out. Well this cocktail making class is a sure fire way to make sure that your whole hen group is having a wild and crazy time. Cocktails are awesome and most hen parties will see ladies drinking their body weight in cocktails. Well here is a way that you can drink….. and spend some “productive” time together. This is just a day full of laughs as your bartender will teach you how to mix, shake, stir and pour your favourite cocktails……. And yes of course you get to try each other’s cocktails!

Burlesque or Pole Dancing Lesson for hens

Next up we have a Wellington hen day idea that is not only a lot of fun, but also something that will serve the bride to be well on her wedding night (and you other ladies as well when you get home!). Burlesque dancing is sexy, but it is more of a stage show/production and more “naughty” than it is flat out sexy. Pole dancing on the other hand is all about getting to grips with your sexy side and having a lot of fun working the pole and learning all kinds of sexy dance moves that you can use to spice things up in your personal life!

Life Drawing Class in Wellington

You know we could sit here and tell you how a nude art class is all about being cultured and embracing the arts and all other kinds of BS like that……… but let’s face facts girls the reason that you want to have a life drawing class as part of your hens party festivities is because you get to see a naked guy and you do not have to go to a strip club to do so. Also as awesome as it is checking out a naked guy. You also will have a lot of laughs when it is time to show each other your “art work” and we use the term art work very loosely!




Hen Party Wellington - have an amazing party

You will notice your friend's eyes start to get wide and a big smile on their face when you start to tell them you are planning the hen party Wellington!

Hens Party Boats in Wellington

Wellington has some of the most amazing water on the planet. You girls should really make the most of your time here by booking your own private party boat and getting on the water…..and make sure that you have some good tunes and plenty of alcohol as well. A party boat is something that many girls absolutely go wild for! You really cannot go wrong with a few drinks while on the water before you hit a nightclub to close the night!

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Wellington Function Room for hens parties

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Juts saying the word “function room” we know does sound kind of boring, but when you then start to think of all the ways you can make it your own and really have your own private hen party in there, it starts to sound really awesome. We are talking about making sure that your favourite drinks are being served, that only the tunes the bride and the rest of you gals like are played and if you want to really spice things up a little bit then hire a male stripper to come to your function room and put on one hell of a show for you girls!

The Best Wellington Restaurants

We all love to eat and Wellington has some pretty amazing places for you girls to sit down, have some good laughs and enjoy some nice food as well.

Pizza Pomodoro

Pizza Pomodoro is where you need to go if you ladies have a real craving for some delicious pizza. They pride themselves on making Italian style pizza here and they just make the best pizza you will ever have the pleasure of eating. No matter if you want just a plain, cheese and tomato or if you want a pizza with about 483 toppings, you will be taken good care of here.

Crab Shack

Being so close to the water, you girls will possibly want tome nice sea food well one place that serves up some really nice sea food is the fun, Crab Shack. What makes coming to the Crab Shack such a great idea is that they always have some kind of deal going on for example a few bowl of onion rings when you buy a beer! 


You will be mind blown at the crazy things they have on offer here at BurgerFuel. They do offer some pretty tame and “normal” types of burgers here, but if you want to live on the wild side then check out one of their crazier inventions like their, Teenage Mushroom Pizza Burger!

The Best Bars In Wellington for a hens party

Wet your whistle in style at these fun and friendly, Wellington bars!

The Library

No we are not talking about a place where you can check out 50 Shades Of Grey! The Library is a great bar that offers up a great selection of booze, but it also has a really “cool” vibe to it and they also get live bands/musicians to perform here regularly as well. A little live entertainment and a nice glass of wine is always a good night. 

Hawthorne Lounge

Hawthorne Lounge is a bar that is just tailor made for you girls who love to have a huge selection of booze! They have pretty much every kind of cocktail, wine, beer and anything else you could possible imagine! If you want to make sure that your Wellington hen weekend is going to be pretty wild then having a few drinks here will sure as hell result in a wild night. 


Lastly we have a bar that is for you girls who love your night out to have a bit of hustle and bustle, mingling with other people and having a great time! Hummingbird is a really fun bar and a place where lots of people go to have a good time. They do have events on here pretty regularly ranging from live music to comedy so be sure to see if there is some kind of “event” going on when you are in the city.

The Best Hens Party Clubs In Wellington

Party the night away and really send of the bride to be in style at one of these EPIC, Wellington nightclubs.

San Fran

San Fran is just a really cool place for you girls who are looking for a wild party. What makes coming here such a great night is that they have live music here all the time. This club is actually considered to be one of the very best live music venues in the whole city!

The Fringe

Hmm well, you could actually class The Fringe as more of a bar than a club, but no matter if you class this as a bar or club, The Fringe is offering you a fantastic night out. They have all kinds of live entertainment going on here so you can really party hard if you want. Or you can just grab a few cocktails, sit back and “check out” the local Wellington guys in the place.


Feel like you have taken a trip to the good ol, US of A when you enter the doors of, Dakota. With cowboys, animal heads on the wall and just a really rowdy party type of atmosphere. If you are looking to really let your hair down and go wild and crazy, you simply must stop here for a few drinks. 

The Touristy Side Of Wellington

Wellington is a real sight seers type of city as there is just so much cool stuff to get up to and see here. So if your hen group does want to some of the time of your Wellington hen weekend to do a little sightseeing then a couple of cool places are The Wellington Cable Car which is a fun way to see a huge chunk of the city and travel in a really cool way. Another top, tourist attraction in Wellington is  The Carter Observatory. This is where you can learn about the solar system and see some pretty awesome exhibitions as well. 

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