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Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Christchurch. We can help you plan a fun hens party and book a complete hen party break. Organisising a hens party can be stressfull -let Gobananas help you with ideas, booking and planning it all for FREE. Talk to one of our party planners today. 

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Hens Party Christchurch

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Hens Party Christchurch - why this is a good destination

Christchurch really is an amazing place and just ideal for a group of ladies to come and have a wild hens party! Christchurch is the largest city on the island and is full of awesome places to go, things to see and bars to get drunk in! You ladies will have the best time possible here and you really will be making sure that the bride to be is going to be getting sent off into her married life in the best possible way!

How To Get To Christchurch for your hens weekend?

The International Airport has planes coming in all the time! So the easiest and most convent way for you ladies to get here is to fly. You can drive or hop on a bus and some ladies even like to come on the boat! Truth be told you can get here pretty much anyway you want just find the one that is easiest for you……. Or cheapest so you have more money for cocktails!

Hens Party Christchurch - popular ideas

Make sure that you are all having an absolute blast during the day by checking out these fun hen day ideas. These have proven to be very popular with other hen groups over the years.

Boat Cruise in Christchurch

With crystal clear water taking a nice, scenic boat cruise is a great way to spend a few hours. Learn a little bit about the island or just have some private girl time with your friends as the world sails by. You perhaps will get to see some dolphins or other kind of sea life as you sail by. If you really want to live it up you can even book a boat cruise that includes dinner! In all this is just a great way to relax and have a nice time…. Before you go wild during the hen night!


Christchurch Wine Tour for hens parties

Christchurch is home to some of the most beautiful wineries in the whole of New Zealand and the majority of them offer a lovely wine tour where you get to check out the grounds and of course have a cheeky few samples of their wine. Most of these also have a place to get a bite to eat, have a drink and even a gift shop. If a nice and relaxing type of activity is what you are looking for then this is it.

wine tasting

Burlesque Dancing Lesson in Christchurch

Now this is a lot of fun, learn to dance the same way the ladies at the Moulin Rouge do….. of course without the extras those ladies offer! This is a laugh a minute as you girls get all dressed up and learn some fun, sexy and most likely hilarious dance moves. You will be tasked with putting on your own fun little show….. Which 9/10 ends up with you all on the floor laughing, but hey this is what a hen weekend is all about. Just having a wild and crazy time with your friends and a burlesque dancing lesson in Christchurch is certainly going to make you have some laughs and great memories of your hens party in Christchurch.

Hens party Christchurch - activities for later on

Ladies eyes get all wide when they know they are in for a wild hen party and Christchurch has plenty of fun things for you girls to get up to…..most of which involve alcohol!

Christchurch Murder Mystery Party

I am sure we have all been at a party, having a good time and then….. BAM someone is dead…. What that has not happened to you? Well with this fun murder mystery party, you ladies will be enjoying good evening then one of the guest dies! It is up to you to interview guests, solve puzzles, figure out riddles and discover who the killer is! This is a lot of fun and something that offers a little bit more than just drinking!

Hens Party Boat in Christchurch

If you want to drink in style then there is no better way than on the open water on a really nice boat. This is a lot of fun and a great way to get a good little drinking session going in a different way than just a normal bar. You ladies have a great amount of choice when it comes to a party boat and many boats will allow you to bring your own music, food and even a stripper on board! Most boats leaves from Lyttleton near Christchurch and we have party boats that are either fully licensed or byo drinks and food.

Hens friendly Party Buses in Christchurch

What better way to get around the best bars that Christchurch has to offer than by booking your own private party bus to take you around. Look these people know all the best places to drink in the city and they will be sure to let you know where you should be going and then take you there. Not to mention they will have music blaring and will allow you to keep on drinking on board, booking a party bus is one of the most popular hen night activities and it is easy to see why.

party bus

The Best Restaurants In Christchurch for hen groups

Enjoy some quality time with your friends (and any weird future in laws) at one of these fun restaurants.

Dux Dine

Being so close to the water may give you a hankering for some top quality sea food. Well one of the best and most classy places to enjoy a nice sea food meal is, Dux Dine. The have a very vast menu, but a real highlight here has to be their sea food platter which has a little bit of everything on it for you to pick and choose from.

Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene is an Italian restaurant and they are perfect if you have a hen group that has some fussy eaters in it! They offers some very extravagant dishes, but they also serve up some nice pizzas, pasta dishes and spaghetti. This is a place that really does have something on the menu for everyone and the prices are pretty cheap as well which is always a nice bonus. 


Now this is another Italian restaurant, but here they offer a more fine dining type of experience for you girls to enjoy, but they do this without making everything crazy expensive. This is the type of restaurant that s just ideal if you really want to make eating a nice meal together a special occasion.

The Best Bars In Christchurch for hens parties

I am sure more than a few of you ladies are looking at this part of the guide before any other! Well here are the best bars for you to check out in Christchurch.

The Craic Irish Bar

The Craic Irish Bar is a place that you just know is going to offer you a wild night. This Irish style pub always offers up a great time and if you let them know you are a hen group they will take especially good care of your girls. One thing that makes coming here such a great idea is that they offer one of the best karaoke nights of any bar in the whole of Christchurch. 

Bailies Bar

If you are looking for just a good, friendly bar that offers plenty of choice when it comes to wine and cocktails and also offers a great atmosphere then, Bailies Bar is for you. As well as being a great place where you can “wet your whistle” they also serve up some very nice pub style food here as well. 

The Best Clubs In Christchurch

Here are the places where you girls can party into the early hours of the morning!

Mashina Lounge

Mashina Lounge is a really cool place to party and while they do offer a pretty wild club night experience. This is actually part of a casino and restaurant! So you can have a little fun gambling, enjoy a nice meal and then party for the rest of the night. This is like an all on one contained hen night right here.

Smash Palace

This is a place that is perfect if you want a real taste of what a Christchurch hen night is all about. You see,  Smash Palace specialise in local beers, wines and other types of drinks. Add to this just a really cool vibe and you have one of the best party spots in the city. 

bar people

The Monday Room

The Monday Room is more of a cool and hip type of club. They offer a more laidback type of party experience here where you girls will be able to just sit back, have a few glasses of wine, some cocktails and just have a really great girly night out. The staff here are really cool so be sure to let them know you are a hen group and they will make sure you have a great night!

The Touristy Side Of Christchurch

I know that “sightseeing” and “tourism” are most likely not the first things that pop into your mind when planning a Christchurch hen weekend, but as one of the best city’s in New Zealand there are some pretty epic tourist attractions here such as, The International Antarctica Centre where you can have fun learning what it is like to be a scientist there and even get an idea what it is like to be caught in an Antarctica style blizzard! If you love animals then you will want to head on over to the Orana Wildlife Park where they have all kinds of animals such as lions….. where you can go in a cage and then let them climb all over you……. It is just as scary as it sounds, but scary in an awesome way!

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