Dunedin Hen Party Ideas

Dunedin Hens Party Activities

Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Dunedin. We can help you plan and book a complete hen party break.

Dunedin Hen Party Ideas
Dunedin Hen Party Daytime Activities
Dunedin Hens Nights Out
Dunedin Hen Night Activities
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Why You ladies Should Have A Dunedin Hens Party!

It’s not all about student parties in Dunedin. While there is certainly a wild and fun nightlife, there’s also fantastic culture and divine restaurants. This is one wonderful city to party in. Winter turns it into a romantic snowy wonderland, and don’t forget, this is a beachside city, so the views and beach in summer are great!

How To Get To Dunedin

You could get there by taking a scenic tour down the length of the South Island, but if time is short, just fly in. There are rental cars galore waiting for you at the airport.
There’s plenty of public transport here such as taxis and buses, but just remember, that this is a very hilly city, so you may wish to rent a private car for the duration of your stay.

The Most Awesome Dunedin Hen Day Ideas!

Need some hens ideas to get your weekend off to the right start? Check out these activities:

Boat Cruise ‒
Cruise Dunedin’s harbour on your own chartered vessel. This is always a popular hens’ activity. You ladies get to sit back and sip your wine as you’re shown the amazing sights of the Otago peninsular. The spectacular scenery, sparkling blue water, and divine wine list are all you need to get your group relaxed and in the mood for a fantastic hens weekend.

Pole dancing ‒
Let your inner stripper out! Ever fantasised about being up on stage and wrapping your legs around a pole? Ever thought: that looks easy. I want to give that a go? Well, now’s your chance. An experienced instructor will guide your hens party in this fun and energetic activity. Just give it a go. There’s bound to be a whole lot of laughs as you contort your limbs in ways that you didn’t think possible. (Plus it might give you a few pointers for the bedroom).

Burlesque ‒
If you prefer the sensual and subtle art of seduction, enrol your hens party in a burlesque dance class. This day time hen idea gives you the chance to dress up in corsets and feather boas. Just think Gypsy Rose Lee‒class with a little bit of naughty all rolled into one. Sway those hips from side and side, paint your lips a hot red and let your group show their stuff.

Night Time Hen Party Activities

This is a great city to party in, but rather than the traditional pub crawl, why not try these ideas instead.

Cocktail Making Class ‒
Feeling creative? Get your group ready for a fun hens night by creating some majestic cocktails with just the right amount of alcohol to get you all in the mood. Dream up your own signature drink and name it after yourself. An experienced bartender will show you the tricks of the trade for creating magic in your mouths.

Function room with stripper ‒
What a great way to cater for any number of friends in your hen party by making use of a private function room. You can be as noisy and wild as you like without worrying about anyone else. The icing on the cake will be the stripper we can arrange for you. Find out the bride’s secret fantasy‒fireman, cop, cowboy…or something way more creative. Whatever it is, it’s the girls turn to drool over the hot guy.

Stripper ‒
C’mon, it’s a hens night. There’s some rule book somewhere that says that no hens party in complete without gorgeous male talent to spice up the night. Just tell us where and when, and there’ll be someone yummy to gawk at. We can choose from a selection of strippers if you tell us what your tastes are (and what you want them to wear). If you can’t decide, we’ll be happy to choose for you and surprise you. This is a must do activity for an exciting and fun hen night. These strippers are both sexy and professional. It’s all about you!

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