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Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Taupo. We can help you plan and book a complete hen party break.

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Taupo Hens Party!

Friends from all over the North Island can easily meet in central Taupo with ease. This scenic location has everything‒food, booze, adventure and fun. From the raunchy to the tasteful, it’s all you need for a fantastic hens party.

How To Get To Taupo

Drive, bus or fly‒everyone stops here because there’s so much to do! If you’re coming from the south, it’s well worth while to drive so you get to enjoy views of massive Lake Taupo at its finest along with the mountains that dominate the landscape— Mt. Ruapehu, Mt. Tongariro and Mt. Ngauruhoe. No matter what the season, the views will take your breath away and set the scene for your exciting hen weekend ahead.

Taupo Hens party Ideas!

Searching for ideas for Taupo hens party during the day? These are the top three that we recommend to get your party started:

Boat Cruise on Lake Taupo

If you’re visiting Taupo, you have to go on New Zealand’s largest lake. This pristine body of water is a must do Taupo activity. This boat cruise lets you check out the sites situated around scenic Lake Taupo that are only visible from the water like the amazing Maori designs carved into the rocks. You get to see these up close as you relax and sip your glass of wine while you’re ferried about in style. This fun cruise is the perfect start to your hens night as you and your girlfriends drink in the scenery and activity such as parasailing and yachting that’s going on around you. If you’re coming in summer, don’t forget to pack that bikini to soak up the sun! And why not add some male entertainment to the cruise. Some sexy eye candy like a male waiter or male stripper. We got some cute boys.

the afternoon in a fabulous location as the calm before the hens night begins.

Rafting Taupo

Why should it always be the guys doing the adventure stuff? The perfect way to bond for your hen party is by risk taking and getting out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry, this white water rafting trip on the exciting Tongariro River is led by qualified guides and safety is the priority. This could be the perfect wild start to an exciting weekend. These rapids are fine for beginner rafters as well as the more experienced so no one will be excluded. Over two and a half hours, you’ll be shown some amazing sites that can only be seen from the river itself. What better way to sightsee than with your heart beating faster than the rapids?

Cocktail class with Burlesque and pole dancing

 Fun package in Taupo for hens parties. Burlesque and pole dancing first followed by cocktail class. This is an activity that can be done from the afternoon into the night. Allow around 90 min to 2 hours for any groups. 

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